Ecuador into chaos

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Ecuador into chaos

Yahoo News

QUITO, Ecuador – The government declared a state of siege Thursday after rebellious police angered by a law that cuts their benefits plunged this small South American nation into chaos, roughing up the president, shutting down airports and blocking highways in a nationwide strike.


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Re: Ecuador into chaos

A warning to California about cutting govt worker benefits?Surprised

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Re: Ecuador into chaos

We can print money here. Gov just calls the white house.........

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Re: Ecuador into chaos

I think in no time you will be able to insert the name of almost any country or US city into this article.

I encourage you to read the article through. The military said they are on the government's side, but they hope the government will not put the law into effect. Nothing like a loaded gun (literally!) to one's head to help one see reason, eh?

Does anyone else hear a clock ticking in the background? Tic, toc; tic, toc; tic, toc...


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