Dry Food Storage Guidelines

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Dry Food Storage Guidelines

Jason Bradford has written a post over at the Oil Drum detailing dried food storage guidelines.  You can find it here:



--Suzie G.

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Re: Dry Food Storage Guidelines

A couple of thing I wasn't able to find on the link: I would store viable seeds as a source of grain and fresh food for years to come. Preferably open pollinated, organic and acclimatized. Even if you won't grow these yourself they will be very high trade in a FHtO (Feces Hits the Oscillator) scenario. Modern agriculture depends for the large part on genetically modified, hybrid and non-viable (killer) seed. A secure source of seed will feed you and your loved ones with more variety and health than any amount of hoarded, processed, dried "food".


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Re: Dry Food Storage Guidelines


Thanks for sharing this!!

My wife and I have been finding out just how fast you go through staples such as flour and sugar when you're relying on them for making your own bread and such.

Very cool!

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