Dr. Chris in New Paltz, NY (4/10 & 4/11)!!

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Dr. Chris in New Paltz, NY (4/10 & 4/11)!!

Hey all --

If you've checked out the 'Upcoming Events' tab today, then you probably noticed that Dr. Chris will be making an appearance in New Paltz, NY on April 10th and 11th!  I have been working with Dr. Chris and his staff -- and a group of like-minded friends here in my local community -- to get this put together, so it's very exciting to see it up on the site!

Saturday night April 10th will be a Crash-Course oriented lecture, followed by Q&A from the audience.  Sunday April 11th will feature a daytime seminar focused mainly on What To Do to prepare.  

This is Dr. Chris' first appearance in the Hudson Valley, and my friends and I intend to sell both events out.  New Paltz is definitely within striking distance of New York City (we're exit 18 on the NY Thruway, and you can reach NP via Metro North railroad and buses out of the Port Authority), so if you're in the NY Metro area you should definitely consider making the trip.  Tickets for the Saturday night lecture/Q&A will be sold at the door, or you can register with me via e-mail or PM (ehrm...Private Message, not precious metals [although I am a fan of the latter]). You will be able to register for Sunday's seminar via this website.

Complete info about the events (location of the seminar, where to park, directions to SUNY New Paltz, etc.) will be posted at 


as they are completed and finalized.

Totally psyched!

Viva -- Sager

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Re: Dr. Chris in New Paltz, NY (4/10 & 4/11)!!

I'm definitely coming!

Count me in.


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