Downloading Chapter 20 On YouTube For Community Film Night on the 1st September

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Downloading Chapter 20 On YouTube For Community Film Night on the 1st September

Hello all,

I've got a fairly urgent request to get a link to Chapter 20 on YouTube.  The reason being I've downloaded all the chapters from YouTube using a small tool to allow me to show the complete Crash Course at a Community Film night in Glasgow without internet.  I've tried downloading on Torrent's but they have never worked for some reason.

Can either someone send me a link to a youtube version of it so I can download it for our video night or some other solution that doesn't include using a torrent client as I can't seem to use that on my system.  Even by email?

I think everyone would be very unhappy if we couldn't show the last and probably the most important chapter.

I'd like to download it before the night so before the 1st would be better.  All help welcome.

Thanks Chris for compiling such an excellent video.  We have a representative from one of the economic departments of a local University for their views also.

The best of luck to us all,


PS: see attached the flyer which has been publicised already - oops!

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Re: Downloading Chapter 20 On YouTube For Community Film ...

Sorry Neil.  I don't know how to help you.  Showing all 20 chapters makes for a pretty long film.  Do you think your audience will sit through the whole Crash Course.  I can't even get people to sit and watch three or four chapters.


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