Dot connectors.

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Dot connectors.

 Can't remember when I first came across Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent" .. (1998 maybe ?) but I remember it as one of those "Morpheus moments"

where someone clarifies a subject that's been nagging at you for a while and gives you that dopamine rush of "aha ! of course"..

 Somehow I managed to miss some of other stuff, and stumbled across these two videos on youtube today..

 1) Chomsky on Peak oil


 2) Chomsky on bailouts and banking.


 both from... err..  1998 

 So, I think it's safe to place him in the pantheon of esteemed dot-connecters.. he's a very cunning linguist !  ;-)



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Re: Dot connectors.

RE: he's a very cunning linguist !

And I would imagine a master debater

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Re: Dot connectors.

My most recent "dot connector" is definitely Derrick Jensen.  Here's his piece called "Angelina Jolie Moments"

Jensen is brilliant.  I just finished "The Language of Make Believe" (actually got it from my local library!) and now moving on to "A Language Older than Words." 



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