Do we have a forum participation map?

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Do we have a forum participation map?

As a new member, it would be helpful to me to see a map like the 'google analysis' type for websites.  Members don't have to have their identity revealed on the map if they don't want.  It might help people to not feel alone in their awareness.

Some of the resource guides for resilience building, for example, could have threads for different climatic zones.  From reading forum comments, I also see a wide variation in the concerns between between what I assume to be rural and urban members.  I think we could help each other better this way and is important for community building.  Is this forum familiar with the transition town movement?

Google analytics has a world map that has strengthening colors for greater volume of involvement by regions.  A roll-over reveals the number in an area.  There is value at understanding where regional awareness is greatest or needs strengthening.  We could have several layers of reporting.  One layer could reflect the location of committed members, another could reflect reads from non-members and there could be a layer with totals.

Being new to the group, it is interesting to see how differently people view what is most important in managing a societal collapse of varied levels.  Frankly, it causes me to feel lucky I live where I live.  I am hesitant to waste the forum's time with some of the elements that work best for me, as my assumption is that most of this community live in or near cities in cold climates.  I was surprised to get calls from two different people in my own little town the very day I made my first posting.  It was really positive.  That happened because I had a film of our project on that posting, so who I am is obvious.  

This is a suggestion that would feel helpful to me.  Anyone else?

With appreciation to this whole effort.

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Re: Do we have a forum participation map?

I think this is a great idea.  There are various ways this might be done. I would like to see members send in the location of the nearest community center that could be used for meetings.  These sites could then be used for organized meetings based around viewings of the Crash Course with a bring a friend emphasis. I bet this would also encourage volunteers to step up.  There is always the possibility of piranhas showing up to take advantage of the gathering, but, hey, if we can't handle that now, what are we going to do when the big hill (wall) shows up and the community is really needed.

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