Do we get to keep our cell phones?

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Do we get to keep our cell phones?

Do we get to keep the internet? How about cell phones? I've heard it takes huge amounts of energy to run server farms. Every google search supposedly belches out a pound of CO2 and one can only imagine that satellite communications require large amounts of fossil fuel. As our economies re-localize, how does this affect our electronic communications. Even the most hardcore gloom and doomers seem to assume that their blogs and websites will remain up and running. Are they safe in that assumption?

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Re: Do we get to keep our cell phones?

Since Carbon Dioxide doesn't affect the enviroment whatsoever that shouldn't be a problem.  However, with all the insane bills that Congress has been passing lately that give Government more control of communication and our freedoms in general, I wouldn't count on it.

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Re: Do we get to keep our cell phones?

I find it interesting that Hunstler's book, The Long Emergency  and his subsequent novels assume that when the energy supply tanks, so will the internet/ phone/ etc.  May I suggest solar powered ham radio as a nice backup skill set.

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