Do Big Banks really care about your deposits anymore?

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Do Big Banks really care about your deposits anymore?

Interesting article with personal accounts related below.

Apparently, they do if you are a large account holder but not so much for the small or average account holder.

I too would encourage people to withdraw most funds from big banks outside of the minimum to take care of bills/basic needs and/or where extreme inconvenience warrants it. That or unless the bank really makes it worth your business somehow. Banks need to get a clear message to start to acting more honestly, transparently, fairly and responsibly. Fat chance in hell though!

Read above and just see how difficult they make it for certain people to simply withdraw their cash or close accounts.

The banks are in bed with the gov't and the gov't is not your friend. The less they know about you the better. 

Privacy is very difficult to maintain nowadays given the advent and widespread use of so many of the incredible "Big Brother" snooping technologies now available and being employed to keep tabs on regular honest citizens. The legislation these parties have created and pushed through to basically let them do whatever the want is shocking.

However, there are some affordable solutions or at least you can make it more difficult for them to monitor every aspect fo your life if you sincerely desire it. Something to think about.

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