"Did You Know?"

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"Did You Know?"

I felt this video was thought-provoking, and thought I'd share it here.  It also happens to mention that we live in exponential times.  I'm always interested to see this terminology used around as simply getting the concept in front of people, even if not used directly with the 3 Es, can be helpful.

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Re: "Did You Know?"


You are right on about this video- it's thought provoking and illuminating.  Love the final unanswered question.  Thanks for posting.



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Re: "Did You Know?"

Uhhhmmm . . .I'm going to go sit in my corner and meditate this one. . . thanks for the post!

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Re: "Did You Know?"

"...It's a little known fact that.." - Cliff Claven

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Re: "Did You Know?"


fantastic, thankyou!!



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