department of homeland security

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department of homeland security

Did you realize that we spend 1.1 trillion dollars on the department of homeland security?

I saw something on TV saying that DHS had grown larger than the U.S. Army and was likely to continue indefinitely using the logic that since we have not had a major attack lately it was because of all the money we are letting them spend.


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TSA Creator says dismantle and privatise

"“The whole program has been hijacked by bureaucrats,” said Rep. John Mica (R. -Fla.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee.
“It mushroomed into an army,” Mica said.  “It’s gone from a couple-billion-dollar enterprise to close to $9 billion.”
As for keeping the American public safe, Mica says, “They’ve failed to actually detect any threat in 10 years.”

“It’s an agency that is always one step out of step,” Mica said.""

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