Denver Seminar Query (to assess whether or not to enroll)

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Denver Seminar Query (to assess whether or not to enroll)

 I'm new to this site and Chris's work. I am familiar with Kunstler, peak oil, transition movement. Just attended the Boulder introductory evening and learned about the Denver 2-day seminar opportunity. With very limited time I'm trying to assess whether or not to attend. Perhaps the seminar description page is intentionally vague, and of course no one gives away the ultimate takeaways for free. I'm wondering if someone can offer me something in the middle.

I have not yet viewed the CC videos online (will begin tonight). Chris painted the picture during his hour lecture. Although nurturing the environment and connecting with like-minded folks is cited as a goal/benefit, at this point they're not high on my value list.

If I attend it will be for day 2, action tools. Can anyone paint a better picture than the promo copy about what the day will offer?

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Re: Denver Seminar Query (to assess whether or not to ...

 I've been following Chris Martenson for over a year, and also attended the Rowe Seminar last winter.  The seminar was great, and I highly recommend attending!  Many of us are uncertain about the future, what to do, and how to go about making the necessary changes large or small.  Even if we know what to do, doing it is another matter.  

You will come away from the forum with a clearer picture of what to do for yourself.  Sometimes we feel alone in our thoughts or concerns about the future, and it is nice to know that you aren't alone.  Perhaps you already have a community, and have everything sorted out?  Even if that is the case the seminar will build on previous knowledge and your network of resources.

Go as it is time well spent.


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Re: Denver Seminar Query (to assess whether or not to ...


There are several threads on the site which provide personal perspectives on some of Chris' previous seminars.  Here is just one for you to review:

Take time to read the various comments, and even send some of the commenters a private message (the 'Send PM' link) if you want to ask specific questions.  If you need more information, certainly let us know and we can help.


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Re: Denver Seminar Query (to assess whether or not to ...

HI Bart,

Welcome to the site.

My husband (Dogs) and I addended the Lowesville, VA seminar this past April.  You will walk a way with a clear understanding of what you need to do for yourself, family and community... With tool box in hand and the knowledge of how to use the tools and what they are for.  This is the link to the Lowesville Seminar thread,

Also if you would like to hear about that weekend, this is the link to the,Two Beers with Steve poscast thread of the weekend,

To the Lowesville Seminar podcast,


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Re: Denver Seminar Query (to assess whether or not to ...

 Hey Bart --

I didn't attend Lowesville, but in the thread[s] that came out of it here on the boards, I heard not a single participant say anything but good things.  For those that were relatively new to the CC and preparing for the world to come, it helped them get into action mode (with lots of specific ideas on their Do List).  For those that'd been about the prepping for awhile and maybe were lagging with fatigue, it lit a new fire under their heinie to keep on keepin' on.  So -- again -- without actually having been there, I'd say going to the Denver confab would be time well spent.  Do check out the Lowesville thread.

Viva -- Sager

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Re: Denver Seminar Query (to assess whether or not to ...

Hi Bart,

I attended the Lowesville seminar. It was definitely worth my time and worth every penny. Read through the other links to hear some feedback on previous seminars, but if I were you, I would attend.

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Re: Denver Seminar Query (to assess whether or not to ...


I hope previous participants' comments have been helpful, just to add on to what they have said from a somewhat "official" angle, I will try to illustrate Day 2 in a bit more depth.

Day 2 will revolve around taking the ideas of the Crash Course out of the realm of theory into the realm of action. This involves confronting the beliefs that lead us to "bury our heads in the sand," deeply scrutinizing the ever-optimistic news about our economic condition, and getting to the point where we are able to translate our own honest assessments about what the near-term future holds into a tangible list of steps to take. Day 2 will be more workshop-oriented than Day 1, with sessions designed to help you assess where you and your family stand and to provide you with models for how to confront future challenges head-on. It will also be about providing you with a layer of support for making change. There are a number of conflicting feelings and fears that the Crash Course can dredge up, and being among a group of individuals who are going through a similar process, and with the help of the Martensons' model and approach, you will find at you are not alone and begin to feel confident and prepared to make changes.

Hopefully this description gives you a little more insight. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have further questions about the seminar, and we very much hope you will be able to attend!



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Re: Denver Seminar Query (to assess whether or not to ...

Hi Bart,

I attended the Lowesville seminar after watching the full Crash Course several times and found it exceptional. I recommend the full seminar. I know the "tools" are enticing enough but one of the key points of the experience is in sharing concepts with others and building community.

Last night I finished the first 4 week series of the CC in our area. We did the CC in thirds and our 4th meeting was a quick review and getting into action. One of the outcomes which I had not even considered was how the group, after having experienced the CC and shared their thoughts, had actually formed a "community of it's own" so to speak. As a result they have decided to continue meeting each Thursday evening to carry out various action items. Because of this we have changed the CC venue to a larger building that has a secondary meeting room and the 1st group is going to organize their activities while the CC is going on in the main room and then they can participate in the discussion period following the video.

This is by far the best outcome because one of the key "tools" will be in how to work with others to address and solve our common problems. Hope this helps.


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Re: Denver Seminar Query (to assess whether or not to ...

 Hi Bart,

Welcome aboard!

I have been closely following the teachings of Chris Martenson for about a year and a half, and know him to be the most sane voice on the internet today, as far as showing clearly how things work and what we can personally do about it.  I strongly suggest that you get deeply enmeshed in the Crash Course, for it is the basis of everything Chris teaches. Actually, if you never did anything more than this you would be ahead of the vast majority of folks in the U.S. today.  I'd also suggest you enroll as a paid subscriber to this site.  With some hardship, I did that about 15 months ago, and have never regretted it.  Not only will you get enormous benefit from reading Chris' outstanding reports, but you'll find that there are numerous well informed people on this site who will quite literally "teach you" everyday with their cogent comments.

I'd see you in Denver, but there is just no way on Earth I can afford the flight, the cost of the seminar and room and board.

The crooked b _ _ t _ _ _ s on Wall Street pretty much wiped me out before I had time to learn from this site how to keep it from happening.

IF you can possibly work it out to go, by all means do so.  I think ANY time spent with Chris and Becca will be invaluable.

Good luck!

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