Denninger sounds off on the Chinese

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Denninger sounds off on the Chinese

I got a chuckle out of this. I hope you do too.

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Re: Denninger sounds off on the Chinese

Yep - pretty funny


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Re: Denninger sounds off on the Chinese

I've appreciated denninger's rants at our government, but this one is typical american nationalism out of whack with reality.  I wonder if those on CM who don't like it when someone here says negative things about US institutions or the american people will be equally turned off by Denninger saying this stuff about another country's institutions and people.  if not, it shows that irrational nationalism is driving those reactions. people don't like hearing truth about their own country, but are fine arrogantly projecting their own miserable situation on the chinese.  

international financiers are the ones that have done this.  governments never would've created the situation the G2 finds itself in.  central banks did. both our government and the chinese government are controlled by those financiers. Denninger should be more careful and place blame where it belongs.  China's premier is irrelevant except to the degree that he's a stooge for the bankers.  

he's wrong that we're not going to pay.  through the IMF the financiers will tell us what we're going to default on, i.e. the little people will get screwed.  but we will not be allowed to walk away from the core debt held by the international banking institutions without a cost.  collateral will be collected.  

he screams that "americans will only be pushed so far" whereas the chinese people are pathetic.  really?  complete BS.  financiers have proved that if they move slowly, we'll submit to whatever they do.  we have a central bank.  nobody cares.  we have one of the biggest progressive tax burdens in the world.  nobody cares.  govt raises our kids in "free" schools.  nobody cares.  our land/assets are owned by bankers.  nobody cares.  (there are 4 primary components of Marx's manifesto so why Denninger calls the chinese communist without saying the same about us is out of touch).  our future generations are indebted for good.  nobody cares.  our dollar has been destroyed. nobody cares.  our treasury is owned by China/Japan.  nobody cares.  we're being pushed into IMF/BIS global union. nobody cares.  groundwork is being laid to merge with Mexico and Canada.  nobody cares.  some powers out there shot JFK.  nobody cares.  other people besides a few poor saudis worked with Bin Laden in 9/11.  nobody cares.  for-profit mercenaries are slaughtering Iraqis and coming back home to manage new prisons and will no doubt engage in policing ones things crash.  nobody cares.  on and on and on.  


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Re: Denninger sounds off on the Chinese

Wen: China disagrees to so-called G2, calling for effort to fight protectionism

BEIJING, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- China disagrees to the suggestion of a "Group of Two" (G2), Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said at a meeting with visiting U.S. President Barack Obama here on Wednesday.

Translation:  China is saying that they are not a G2, they are a G1 and the U.S. will remain a G2.  Such is life when you are a creditor nation dealing with your biggest debtor.

China pursues the independent foreign policy of peace and will not align with any country or country blocks, Wen said.  Global issues should decided by all nations in the world, rather than one or two countries, he added.

Translation:  China is not a global bully like the U.S.  It is safer to deal with China than the imperialists.  And, BTW, if the U.S. keeps meddling in the middle east and eurasia, China may be on the other side.

The revival of world trade and investment is beneficial to the global effort to cope with the financial crisis and help accelerate the recovery of the world economy, he said.  "China and the United States should work together to fight against protectionism in trade and investment," Wen said. The United States would properly handle bilateral trade frictions so that they would not harm the interests of the two countries, Obama said.

Translation:  The U.S. has a greed to allow China's low wages to continue to ravage any domestic manufacturing that may still exist. 


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