The Definitive Fuel Thread

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The Definitive Fuel Thread

I am starting this thread on buying/storing fuel (all types) for long term.

Sub-categories could include:






We used to have two fuel storage tanks on our farm.  One for diesel and one for regular (then after regulations, unleaded) gasoline.  A couple of years ago (thinking of getting out of farming) we had an auction of most all the farm items, fuel tanks included.  Now considering buying new/used ones.  

 Hoping for information from others on buying bulk, storing.  How long can one store fuel of different types.  What additives are needed/recommended.  Additional information that would be helpful.  

 I know and agree with peak oil, but some fuel is helpful/necessary for making the transition to after TSHTF.



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Re: The Definitive Fuel Thread

I hope others will participate in this thread. In my case, I have about 87acres of land, of which about half is arable sandy loam. Heretofore I have used this land to graze cattle. It has not been plowed in many years, perhaps decades. Just today a contractor put in a water pipeline across my place and the trench gave me a good look at the underlying pasture subsoil. We have great soil and I'm fortunate in that respect.

My plan is to plant an oilseed crop such as canola, sunflower or soybeans. Roughly speaking, an acre of good farmland in my area (dryland farming) will yield about 100 gallons of B-100 biodiesel fuel. That's 100% biodiesel fuel. Equipment is readily available to convert oilseeeds into 100% biodiesel, and that equipment is reasonably priced. I could easily devote 10 to 15 acres of land to oilseed production,which has the potential to produce 1,000 to 1,500 gallons of B-100. So I'm seriously looking into this. It would be a source of fuel for my diesel tractors and -- if a serioius crunch comes -- a farm vehicle for trips into town. There are highway fuel tax issues here, but they can be resolved by keeping a mileage log and paying the mileage tax on a regular basis.

If you are a city dweller, this information is not of much use. But if you have a few aces of arable land, you might want to look into biodiesel.



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Re: The Definitive Fuel Thread

Here are few links I found about fuel storage methods, additives and shelf life for different climates, temps and moisture conditions:

Diesel Storage (BP Gas)

Fuel degradation in storage (Epicenter)

Diesel/Gasoline Storage and Restoration (BatteryStuff)

I've also been researching alternative home-brewed fuels like ethanol/methanol, biogas, and biodiesel. They might not have as good ERoEI as fossil fuels, nor do they have as long a shelf-life, but when you're brewing your own for personal use and aren't using a lot it's a reasonable prospect to make a small amount as you need it.



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Re: The Definitive Fuel Thread

I've got 300 gallons of each (gas and diesel).  The gas needs a stabilizer and should be used within a year.  Diesel is supposed to last about the same amount of time.

While it would be dang handy if we lost electrical power, the main benefit has been 'speculating'.  My own, unsupported theory of peak oil would have wild price swings at the top and way down (so far, so good).  I filled my tanks last June and smiled when it hit $4+.  Refilled at $1.67 and patiently wait for the inevitable summer price jump to start pumping.

Now this plan is so small-time, it's almost pathetic..... however....... if we lost power for some reason, I calculate I can run my generator/well/freezer/fridge for about a year on that.  To be honest, I wish I had 1000 gallon tanks! 

Oh, and I'm hedging my bets by converting an old gas pickup to all electric.  Still trying to decide on PV or wind or a combo for battery recharge and hoping for a miracle improvement in battery technology.

Heck, even a marginal plan is better than no plan at all. 

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