Debt Question????

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Debt Question????

i have a question for those of you who are better with numbers than i am.

the numbers are piling up at a dizzying rate. can someone calculate the share of our national debt every man woman and child is currently liable for?

i guess two calculations are appropriate . one for the current national debt. and one including our national debt plus our unfunded liabilities ie social security, medicare etc.

my guess is a child born today comes into the world owing somewher in the neighborhood of 35k but i dont know.



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Re: Debt Question????

I think that 35k is accurate when looking at the national debt only and dividing it by 300 million. Taking into account everything else just depends on how high these numbers are estimated. If it's 60 trillion, then you get 200,000 per capita. If you go a step further and assume that only people having an income can pay for it, then it's closer to 500,000. Maybe a fair deal to give all of them a free house as a compensation - there are plenty of them.

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Re: Debt Question????

I've seen it estimated as high as $250k per person when unfunded programs are taken into account along with the national debt.  When you really think about it, anything over 10k is unacceptable so we are in deep, deep, trouble.

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