David Morgan: play silver, but don't get "stuck"

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David Morgan: play silver, but don't get "stuck"

What's up these days with Silver Guru David Morgan? In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, David talks about his silver obsession and his newsletter, The Morgan Report. He also imparts some investment wisdom: "The simple fact is I'm not a pig. Bulls make money, bears make money—and pigs get stuck. I'm not going to get stuck and neither are you, if you follow what I'm doing." David also discusses some of his "nonstick" silver holdings.


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Re: David Morgan: play silver, but don't get "stuck"

Morgan is suggesting that this next "top" in PM's will come and go like other bubble tops have in the past.. and that you want to sell near the top, and not be a pig.  This is all predicated on the underlying monetary system retaining it's function, which is not clear to me.  If this is in fact the end game for our fiat currency.. then I don't give a damn about his sell signal.  I don't think he is seeing what I (and most of us here) see.  I don't think there is going to be a Volcker this time.   

Here is an alternate opinion from ZH today, and I think it applies to both Gold and Silver;

"The paper money “price” of Gold will last as long as the attempt to make paper money “work” lasts. In the end, Gold will no longer have a “price” because it has reverted to its role as MONEY. Whenever and wherever that happens, that nation can return to the production of wealth - rather than “money."



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Re: David Morgan: play silver, but don't get "stuck"

David Morgan was on Fox News this last weekend


Says Go long on silver - hints paper market and if people asked for physical - the price would go much higher.



David, is one of the people I follow, as he knows what he is talking about and is not controlled by others in saying what they want him to say.  He says what it really is, all on research and real information.

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