David Faber's (CNBC guy) comments

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David Faber's (CNBC guy) comments

Ok - I don't rely on CNBC to get accurate financial news but I do watch it most mornings to listen to what the MSM is saying.  I have to admit they do occasionally have some quality guests (i.e. Schiff, Jim Rickards).  This morning David Faber reported from the CEO Summit in Ft. Lauderdale stating that all his conversations were off the record.  Watch this clip and note Fabers reaction to the host's comment of "w" recession...(around 2:49 on the timer).



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Re: David Faber's (CNBC guy) comments

its true buddy i also dont prefer CNBC its i think bised if i am not wrong i feel some times..

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Re: David Faber's (CNBC guy) comments

He was choked up there for a bit. 


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