Dark age investment company

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Dark age investment company

I am looking for some input on a business concept that I have had.

I am a veterinarian and former rancher/shepherd/land manager up here in western canada.  I also have completed the certification course to teach permaculture and the discipline of holistic management.

In light of the toughening economic conditions up here north of the border I am looking to diversify my income streams.

I am interested in starting an investment company focusing on us buyers of Canadian farm lands.

The concept would essentially be a way for US citizens to diversify their portfolios into hard assets outside of the usa.

My company would provide land acquisition and land management for either direct fee for service or part of the asset play.

The idea would be to acquire land and attempt to increase its long term productivity via organic or near organic means.

Investors could recoupe their money either via direct land resales, returns on farm income, potential sale of shares to other investors? 

I am just hoping for input as to the validity of such an endeavor....does it sound like something that US investors would be interested in?

I am a neophyte in the financial services sector but I have a great deal experience in the land management, farming, ranching sector.

I hope that this doesn' t sound to amateurish for members!



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Re: Dark age investment company

Guess this was a really dumb idea based on the responses :)

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Re: Dark age investment company

I think most of us don't have large amounts of capital to invest.  Otherwise we would be cheering for Bernanke as he tilts against the proverbial windmills.  We are just trying to preserve what we have and survive the collapse that most of us fear.  Not profit from it, but nice idea in a morbid sort of way -- I RESPECT THAT!!Wink

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Re: Dark age investment company

I will say from an investment standpoint I am only considering on purchasing land in Oregon. The reason is simple I want land to grow food and call my own I know alot about the land here the soil/weather/flood plains/dry periods/common pests/edible plants ect. Knowledge of your surroundings is crucial and I don't know anything about Canada. My techniques may not work and I would need awhile for a trial and error period. (Time we may not have)

I thought you had a great idea. I just feel people want to purchase something they know without a learning curve.

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Re: Dark age investment company

Hello knucklewalker,

I think your idea has a great deal of potential.  Most of us understand that hard assets are the best way to protect our accumulated wealth.  If ya don't mind, I have a couple questions for you.

Would you manage the land to allow remote owners to find a return?  For example, would you plant crops and take them to market?

Would local farmers lease the land to farm?  How much land is required to support a viable farming business?  Can you give us a rough estimate or range of how much per acre farm land goes for?  

Would it make sense for a group of owners to buy a larger parcel of land and share in the production costs?  For example, one tractor could be used and common shelters could reduce individual costs. 


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Re: Dark age investment company

Knuckle -

I think this is a great idea.

I am interested to see your responses to DrLuv.




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Re: Dark age investment company

Knucklewalker...Fantastic idea. I was combing over real estate sites, looking to invest in land in Saskatchewan a few years back and definitely could have used your services. Please keep me informed. I'm also interested in your response to KrbyLve.

A question I have is how rigid is zoning, generally, in agricultural areas. A permit for one home on several hundred acres, for example, automatically puts the brakes on intentional farming community type of use. I think, more than anything, zoning land for agribusiness has to change.  It would be so  lovely if govts abandoned this model, much like Cuba did, during their oil crisis years. Everyone would be healthier, happier and closer to the earth, if permaculture became the norm.

I wish you great good luck. BTW--I'm in Pacific Northwest, Canada.

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