Currently in western Greece.. great place to ride out a potential SHTF

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Currently in western Greece.. great place to ride out a potential SHTF

I have been in Greece for the last 2 weeks, will be here til mid Sept. My parents are from here so i visit every year and hang out with the fam and loads of friends.

The county is called Aitolo Akarnania. The town is called Paleros (google it). Its located in western Greece by the coast. Here we have many islands, mountains, valleys, rivers, all types of ecological zones. Rainfall averages over 35 inches per year. In the immediate area, there are 10 towns, with a total population of roughly 20,000. The land is suitable for all kinds of farming, such as corn, wheat, cotton, grapes, grazing, olives, oranges, etc. There are sheep. goats, and cows everywhere. Plus, the ionian sea is to the west, with plenty of fish, squid, octopus, calamari.

Farmland is going for nothing out here. I have been taking photos for all to see how roughly 75% of the farms have been abandoned due to the improfitability. Globalization and government policy are to blame. Here i see a tremendous buying opportunity with a acre going for as low as $5000, average price for farm with water access is $12000 per acre.

Water is not a issue as a mountain range nearby stores plenty of water. In many places it flows right out in springs. Snowfall in the winter is limited to +2500 feet with the occasional dusting by the coast. There are several large peaks above 5000 feet in elevation that are only a few miles from the coast. Truly amazing to see all year around. BTW went hiking the other day and a fox was following me LOL.

Crime is essentially nonexistant. I never lock my car and even leave the keys in the car half the time. Everyone knows each other and if someone is being shaddy  there are eyes and ears everywhere. This area largely escaped the bloodshed of World War II due to its isolation and lack of large population base. In the event of political instability, this area will fare rather well. Plus, its absolutely beautiful with amazing white sand beaches!

So if the SHTF i know where ill be staying. It has its negatives but is a sure bet if things get nasty in the states and in particular in the urban areas.

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