Cuppa coffee time: how bad will it get?

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Cuppa coffee time: how bad will it get?
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Re: Cuppa coffee time: how bad will it get?

Good piece. He's especially right about the lack of any study or sense of economic history. It's of course a vital part of their entire program to deny that there's any such thing as history, or at any rate that the lessons of history have any application to modern times. It's a theological concept, really - economically, we've achieved the millennium or something: we're back in the garden of eden. Natural resources, for example, no longer matter. (Which is why I would add, they suppress and deny not only history but the laws of nature.)

I concur with the critique of the term "Great Moderation". In this blog post:

I linked Great Moderation with "Washington Consensus" as meaning, in classic Orwell fashion, moderation and consensus and stability for an ever-shrinking elite, built upon ever increasing instability, volatility, disaster, violence, and tyranny for the vast global majority.

And now all of that is coming home.


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