Crisis Drives Portuguese Youth from their Country

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Crisis Drives Portuguese Youth from their Country

Yesterday evening there was an item about Portugal on the public broadcaster's channel in my region.

The Flemish institution that is responsible for getting people into jobs had held a job fair in portugal to attract engineers, ICT people and nurses I think.

Some interesting facts from the item:


* They were overwhelmed by interested portuguese at the fair.

* A young woman who had recently graduated as a nurse said that experienced nurses were still able to find a job but that nurses without experience were finding it very difficult to find a job. She was now studying dutch so she could go work abroad. She considered herself fortunate that she had not been born 4 or 5  years later because if she had, she might not have been able to study at all which was happening now to the people who were younger than her and lacked the financial means to study.

* Someone who has just graduated with an engineering degree and can find a job after doing an internship, can expect to earn around 600 euros net per month. Renting a room (in Porto I think) costs 300 euros...

* The construction industry was hit heaviest.

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