The Crisis of Civilization documentary trailer

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The Crisis of Civilization documentary trailer

The Institute for Policy Research and Dead Dean Films Present

“The human crisis is always a crisis of understanding: what we genuinely understand we can do." - Raymond Williams

Watch the trailer here:

The Crisis of Civilization is made by Director Dean Puckett (, commissioned by the Institute for Policy Research and Development ( and based on interviews with Dr Nafeez Ahmed regarding the research contained in his new book A User's Guide to The Crisis of Civilization

The film investigates and explains the interplay of the exigent circumstances that humanity faces in the post-industrial era - climate change, peak-oil, the military-industrial complex, neo-imperialism - and suggests  how we can overcome these challenges to our existence.

Directed by Dean Puckett, it is an innovative mixture of interview footage, archive montage and original animation by Lucca Benney. The Crisis of Civilization is a highly creative activist documentary, and at this time of great political change and struggle the message and the medium of the film captures the grass roots political Zeitgeist.

The film is going to be totally open-content, available for free on-line and is not a profit-making exercise. It is completely self-funded and has been a labour of love for all those involved. We believe the message of this film is of the utmost importance to raising awareness of the current Geo-political threats to human survival and encouraging people to challenge the individuals and organisations who perpetrate those threats.

Dr Ahmed is one of the world’s foremost authorities in terrorism and conflict analysis. He has written and reported for a vast array of independent and mainstream news outlets, scientific journals and academic publications.

His writings have received critical acclaim from many leading journalists and academics, including Gore Vidal, John Pilger, Howard Zinn, Vandana Shiva, Andre Gunder Frank, Johan Galtung, Robert W. McChesney, Robert Jensen, Peter Dale Scott, Brian Appleyard, among others.

We'd love your support in getting the word out about this film. If you like what you see from the trailer, please blast this information out to as many people as possible - blog it, post it, talk about it,  write a song about it - however you like to communicate help us promote this film! Remember this is a zero budget documentary and we're relying on concerned citizens to help us promote it.

For further information about The Crisis of Civilization film, please visit

If you are interested in screening or promoting this film please contact  Marie-Louise at [email protected]

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Re: The Crisis of Civilization documentary trailer

I just read the 25 page report put out by the same organization (IPRD): Beyond Growth, or Beyond Capitalism?

Incredibly good.

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