Crashing the Minnesota Legislature

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Crashing the Minnesota Legislature

Thanks to Minnesota State Rep. Bill Hilty from Finlayson, the Energy Committee of the Minnesota House of Representatives viewed the Crash Course in two sessions January 7th and 12th. This was reported in Session Weekly (Vol. 26, No. 1, p. 5) published by the Minnesota Legislature and widely distributed in the state. I'll see if I can get some reaction...

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Re: Crashing the Minnesota Legislature

Excellent work, SnowshoeBob! How did you pull that off? If we could each get our respective legislature's to do the same, it would be a coup!

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"Crashing" the Minnesota Legislature, Energy Finance Division

This is phenomenal news! 

Session Weekly wrote:

Energy division takes ‘Crash Course’

Members of the House Energy Finance and Policy Division convened Jan. 7 and were promptly treated to dinner and a movie, minus the dinner. Division Chairman Rep. Bill Hilty (DFL-Finlayson) distributed DVDs, which he personally bought for each committee member, hoping it will help members develop a broad vision concerning the state’s energy policy.

The three-hour movie, “The Crash Course: Information you can’t afford to live without,” is a seminar developed by Chris Martenson, a Duke University-educated scientist who specializes in neurotoxicology. The first dozen chapters of the video seminar were shown in committee and tackled such questions as, “How much is a trillion dollars?” (Answer: If you stacked $1,000 bills on top of each other, they’d pile 67.9 miles high, according to Martenson.)

Hilty stopped the video midway so members could adjourn, but not before urging them to take the video home to watch chapters 13-15 on their own. When the division members reconvene Jan. 12, they will finish viewing chapters 16 through the conclusion together. When asked how he learned of the video, Hilty said a friend e-mailed the Web site link to him.

Anyone can follow along with the division’s homework by logging onto There is no fee to view the video.

Session Weekly, Vol. 26 (1), p. 5.  Minnesota House of Representatives, Public Information Service

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Re: Crashing the Minnesota Legislature

Awesome!  Who made this happen?  How can I follow suit?  ... Don

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Re: Crashing the Minnesota Legislature

Snowshoebob, you devil, you! :-)  Wonderful job and wonderful too if we all can work so effectively from down in the grass to up as you have.  Sometimes, I think, we tend to think too big.


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