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Crash Course

Chris, I want to thank and congratulate you for a truly superb quality and very cogent presentation! You've done a fantastic job and I'm eagerly awaiting the last 4-5 segments. I've watched the presentation from start to finish about 3 times...I only hope you're not becoming scared by your own conclusions!
Again, stellar piece of work!

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Well done, this is
Well done, this is superb....i hope you do a chapter on real money like gold and silver and people need to understand how this will help them in the future years of inflation to come.
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new "account"
I have just stumbled upon your Crash Course, and "stumble upon" pretty well describes my relationship to money and finances since being able to count to a dollar. I have never heard such an insightful lesson in economics, a subject I have never studied in school and have always had a great deal of difficulty understanding, in my life. And since the "Beginning of the Internets" I have explored for answers. Thank you. I am desperate for the remaining chapters. I am a member of the first Baby Boom year (born in 1946), and very much headed for retirement with (you'll be surprised to hear), a less than healthy plan or fund. Did I read into your lessons so far that you have put you money in something other than US currency based assets? ANYWAY, THANY YOU THANK YOU HURRY UP WITH CHAP 17 ALREADY!
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Very nice presentation ! I
Very nice presentation ! I only found one very important "flow": you say in chapter six that money are "a claim on human labor" but I'm not very sure if that's our wish or the reality ... and I'm afraid that money are not so much a "claim on human labor" but more likely a measure of the quantity and quality of goods a nation enjoy. That slightly different definition might change the "Crush Course" conclusions ... because that type of money don't necessarily "claim on human labor" now, when the "machines" produces a lot of our goods Anyway, I repeat: Very good and challenging speech !!!
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Take care, Chris. I'm sure
Take care, Chris. I'm sure not everyone likes what you have done. George Orwell once said: In a time of deceite telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
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crash course
Outstanding!! Thanks for bringing clarity to the issues and topics of interest that my workplace friends,golf buddies have ranted about for many moons. The items on "our debt" and bubbles made me (a non expert) feel like a financial pro. cheers , Bob
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The Crash course
Congratulations Chris - these articles are fantastic. I now feel I have much more insight into these matters than I have ever had previously, alarming though they are. Surely this is a wake-up call.
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Wake-up call!!
WOW! The most succinct, clear, concise presentation on what we face now and in the future. I'm looking at my 2 1/2 yar old son and wondering how best to prepare him for some very intersting times ahead. Thank you for making a HUGE difference for me and my family. Looking forward to 17b and, of course, 18, 19, 20 (please hurry!)
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I can't believe it !
I've been a "student" of Peak Oil for roughly the past 2 years, so I didn't think I would learn anything, but I was wrong!

Not only does Chris do an outstanding job of explaining Peak Oil, he helps the average person develop a necessary level of respect for the energy that most of us take for granted everyday!

Seriously, this video alone needs to been shown to as many people as possible. This video very clearly illustrates what I have been trying to explain to my friends and family for the past eighteen months!

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chap. 17a
This is the best and most cool-headed explanation of peak oil I have seen so far. You have done an excellent job! I am gratefull for this course and will share it with everyone I know once it is complete. Andrew - Stockholm, Sweden
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Outstanding work
managing our energy use while protecting the environment together with the challenges related to health care are the biggest themes for this generation in my view. However, if everyone of us changes his behavior (partly only slightly) it is doable. good work again chris, guenter leitold,
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It is becoming clear why we
It is becoming clear why we start wars over oil! Excellent presentation of timely and important information. Thank you. Bill
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this presentation
Chris, your whole presentation is comprehensive, shocking, profound and inspiring. It's good to see the Big Picture laid out in terms anyone with patience (and a brain) can understand).
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17A - Peak Oil
Fantastic job! Can't wait for 17B and the rest. This perfectly and succinctly captures the heart of the grossly misunderstood issue that is Peak Oil.
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Peak Oil
Chris, For the past several months I've been reading up on peak oil, overpopulation, geopolitical events, etc to try and understand the run up in the price of oil, food, etc. Your crash course series is the best, most easily understood set of information I have discovered. It ties everything together and clarifies the picture I have been forming in my head from all of my other readings. You should be considered a hero to those few people trying to understand the big picture.
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Outstanding work
Thanks for providing this entertaining and easy to follow tutorial on the "state of affairs". For some time I have been trying to convince friends and family that the really important issues facing this nation are not flag burning, gun control, abortion or gay marriage. Most people, and by extension our elected officials, are completely ignorant of the issues you present. We spend $300 billion to bail out failed speculators/banks/GSEs on Wall Street, $160 billion on stimulous checks and around a trillion $$ for ridiculous wars half a world away. Changing energy sources can theoretically be done but it requires a lot of time and immense amounts of money. We're running out of both and hardly anybody cares. I'd like to be optimistic but I have the feeling that this will not end well for us. Anyway, keep up the good work. I e-mailed a link to your page to many people I know. Maybe it helps as more people become aware of the situation we're facing.
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Wining the Oil Endgame
Excellent crash course Chris, even for those of us who are not americans and do not live in north america. I refer you to this presentation. "Energy guru Amory Lovins lays out his plan for weaning the US off oil and revitalizing the economy in the process. It's the subject of his book Winning the Oil Endgame, and he makes it sound fairly simple: On one hand, the deadly risks of continued dependency, and on the other, some win-win solutions." Its encouraging to notice that there are some ways that oil consumption could be enormously reduced through technological revolution in terms of vehicles for example. I do not however think that technology will allow us to continue in our consuming ways. Your very sobering crash course makes me very glad i have chosen to live in an environment where i do not have to use the car to go to work, to go to the shop, or even to pick up the kids from school.
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Good job summarizing a
Good job summarizing a difficult and complex subject. Squeezing it all into 15 minutes must be very challenging. With that in mind, I wish you had taken the time to more clearly spell out the concept of EROEI (Energy Returned On Energy Invested). Some additional focus on the difficulty of society switching to a new energy source (even if it were as widely useful as oil), and in particular, on the need for even more conventional energy to accomplish the switch, would also be helpful. Perhaps some of this will be expanded upon in 17b? Regardless, great presentation; I continue to point friends and colleagues towards your Crash Course series. Thank you for putting it together, and particularly, thank you for continuing to make it freely available.
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Amazing job!
Chris, I wanted to thank you for your excellent presentation and your ability to break down these very complex topics. This has been the most educational 2 hours since college. Only wish you had an extended lecture series to expand on these ideas. Anxiously awaiting your next chapters! Jim
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Incredible Work, Chris!
I've been passing it on like mad. Thanks for the Great Presentation!
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Good site just a few comments
I really enjoy your site because I've been mensioning some of this gradually to people (mostly the baby boomer thing). Since housing is compounded on that it only makes it worse. If I were to only recommend one thing it would be if somehow these lessons were in some format to be downloaded. It isn't so much the size but it is that sometimes I am without internet access and they would be good to have. I find you put things in such a manner that the vast majority of people would understand them. Also I think you might also like to add one small thing to the money section and that's much of the currencies of the world are pegged. I just spent three weeks in china (Beijing, Shanghai, Jingzamen city and a half day in hong kong) It is extreamly cheap there but mostly to foreigners. Without the pegging of the yuan the world bank estimates the real value to be 50 cents on the dollar...not 14 cents. If they were ever to fully unpeg it that means that all goods and labor would go up more than three fold. However since oil is priced in dollars it means oil for them would go down nearly to a third of what it is. It is somewhat controlled of the price by the government but still the consumption would skyrocket there if it was lowered like that. It would be safe to say that when the dollar goes down against other currencies that oil goes down in price to those currencies. I think the real thing though I'm looking for next wold be what should people as individuals do. I have a AS in computer science but I found it to be a dead industry (got it in 2000) the bubble broke and I did dead end stuff. Now I'm back in school (saved plenty I'm not in debt) I should have a bachlors in poly sci in 16 weeks, I'll probably go on to the masters program (I can afford it) I might get a bachlors in economics but that depends (only ten classes extra). I think the major things in life would be to maintain health and some education. I don't plan on getting married or having children. The other thing that also sits in my mind with some of the debt from social security and medicare/medicade is that technically I don't believe there's any real law that states they have to pay it out. What if the government simply gave a cut off date(s) to gradually ween people off of that. Lastly there's also the AMT tax which I think is going to totally explode on people. I'm not sure if you mensioned it yet but just the fact that a tax was put on 100 people in the early 60's and never bothered to index it to inflation reeks of lack of insight. Thank you for your time.
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Until now I looked only ch 17a and I find it absolutely great. I am sure other chapters are also good. Thank you for this great presentation.

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