Crash course in written form?

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Crash course in written form?

Hello forum!

I am from Germany. I can follow Chris lessons (my english is rather fluent) but many of my friends only have unused school english. For them it would be much better to read instead of listening.
Is the crash course available in written form?

It might very well result in a translated version too.

Thank you! 


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Re: Crash course in written form?

Hey Jo,

i will try to join the martenson brigade this evening and will offer my help with creating a german version of the Crash Course. For this, a written script is needed anyway. 


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Re: Crash course in written form?
English subtitles would be nice, I have a friend who is deaf that I think would find the Crash Course worthwhile.
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Re: Crash course in written form?


Guten tag und wilkommen hier!

Ok, that's all the German I know, but there's great news! We already have translation projects under way in 5 different languages including German. These projects are being undertaken by volunteers, so unfortunately I cannot promise any specific completion date.

There will be 2 phases to this. First, we have asked that as soon as the translators have translated the narrative scripts, they have been asked to send them to us so that we can post them on the site. The idea is to provide limited language support for people like yourself before the full translation is completed... So if you are watching a Chapter in English and Chris uses English words you don't understand, you can pause the playback and read the accopanying German script and see what it says in German. We have asked all the translators (5 languages and counting!) to send us their translated narrative scripts just as soon as they are done translating. We'll post them on the site as soon as we get them.

Then some time later, the translators will complete their full recordings, producing versions of the Crash Course where Chris' words are being spoken in another language by a translator, using the same powerpoint presentation.

I hope this answers your question. We'll announce something on the blog as soon as we have posted translated narrative scripts. Again, I'm unable to commit to any specific timeframe because this work is being undertaken by volunteers and their schedules will vary.

Thanks again for your interest in the Crash Course in German!

Erik Townsend
Business Manager


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Re: Crash course in written form?

Hi Erik, dankeschön!

As I wrote, my friends do understand some english, but spoken it is too fast for them. And mainly it´s not missing words, it´s the pronounciation, because we learn in school only the british one (Please! I do not say or mean that one is better than the other! They are spoken different, nothing else!)

So the narrative scripts in english are exactly what I was asking for!

Are you willing to put them for download? Or to mail them upon request?

If not all chapters, then maybe only chapter 3 and 20? As a crash-crash-course...  





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