Crash Course Waiheke - New Zealand

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Crash Course Waiheke - New Zealand

Waiheke is a beautiful Island in the Hauraki Gulf off the coast of Auckland in New Zealand.  It is a hot spot for sustainability, as well as vineyards olive groves, tourism etc.

We decided that we would run the Crash course video over 3 weeks in our local Theatre and on the 4th week of the month hold a discussion and planning workshop.  The first run through of the course was in July and the August course starts next week. 

A lot of the material in the CC is US centric and we wanted to know how many of the issues mapped onto New Zealand.  To support that I've put up a wiki site where we can attempt to gather the equivalent information and charts. it is a work in progress and we hope that each session will contribute a little more information.  

You might like to take a look at this blog post that has a video of our fourth session and the process we used to try to identify key issues on the island. Surprisingly although the island often has been concerned with inappropriate development and growth we also identified the dangers of deflation and consequent population loss.

If anyone in NZ wants to get in touch or contribute to the wiki they are welcome.


Andrew & Millie Watkins - Oneroa, Waiheke, NZ



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Re: Crash Course Waiheke - New Zealand

Wow this is fantastic!  well done.  I will be following your site closely.   Wonderful effort.

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Re: Crash Course Waiheke - New Zealand

Nice and interesting post.Thanks for sharing

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