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it has been awhile since we had our showing of part 2 of the crash course here in fayetteville ar.

the first one was on a saturday and there were 25 people show up. this was after only a week and a half of a few fliers and word of mouth. the second one was on the following thurs. eve. a number of people said they could not make the second one because of scheduling conflicts. we had 16 show up.

we had a discussion after and a number decided to continue to meet and dialog. we will have our first meeting on the 14th dec

we will use the technique of dialog which is the latest version of the native american form of council. it is a magical process now being used by bill issacs of MIT .

many of the people are up to speed and are interested in finding solutions in community. some topics were time banks, local currency, community gardens and intentional communities.

my feeling is that as far as speading the word a public showing is a good method. it is better to talk about solutions rather than the doom and gloom. it is better to empower people to come together to find solutions. 

when i frist moved here in 75 we had a community cannery. we would bring our produce and jars in in the am and pick it all up canned in the pm. we would pay so much a quart or pint and it would provide seasonal employment for the local populace. it was a great service for those who didnt have the time to can at home.

on thing that was really cool was bringing our tomatoes in with the jars and the ingredients to make ketchup and we had great "homemade "ketchup

it is well to remember that many people (my guess is 95%) are unaware of what is happening and why. i would add unawareness to the 6 stages of "awareness" chris outlines. many are still high on obama koolaid and you just cant get thru to them. it will take a lot of sharing to reach critical mass. 

for myself i believe we are urinating in the breeze if we do not focus on getting rid of the fed. if mayer rothschild can state 

" give me control of a country's money supply and i care not who makes its laws" it is pretty clear we need to get control of our monetary system and get rid of the fed. so my focus in speaking with people tends to revolve around the creation of money  and debt. others might focus more on the environment or peak oil.

so i would say overall we made a great deal of progress here and plan on expanding from this base.

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