Crash Course in Portland, OR - hosted by Transition PDX

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Crash Course in Portland, OR - hosted by Transition PDX


This is to annouce a showing of the Crash Course over three nights (spread over three months) in Portland, Oregon. This showing will be hosted by Transition PDX, a Initiative of the Transition Town movement established in Portland - . All are welcome to come along.

The three dates are all Wednesdays, and are September 30th, October 28th & November 18th. The time will be from 7:00 - 9:00pm.

The venue is the Dining Hall at St. Francis Church, 1182 SE Pine St, Portland -

We plan to show a few chapters each evening and then follow that with a discussion. While a few of us have watched the Crash Course, I don't believe that any of us would regard ourselves as experts with the material. So if anyone with a deeper understanding of the Crash Course material can come along to help with the discussion, it would be great to welcome you to the evenings.



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