Crash Course DVD promoted by Glenn Beck radio show

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Crash Course DVD promoted by Glenn Beck radio show

Just heard Glenn Beck telling everyone to get a copy of the Crash Course DVD.  We're going prime time baby!

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Re: Crash Course DVD promoted by Glenn Beck radio show

Get out!!  That's great news!!!

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Re: Crash Course DVD promoted by Glenn Beck radio show

Very nice.

Good news!!

I wonder how that came about? 

Welcome any Glenn Beck viewers.  Glad to have you here.

Please watch the Crash Course, free, online, or grab a few discs to share with family and friends.





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Re: Crash Course DVD promoted by Glenn Beck radio show

That's awesome!!

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Re: Crash Course DVD promoted by Glenn Beck radio show

I found a Link! Not sure about the source, but here it is!

Congratulations Chris!!!


I like to say that Harry Browne made me a libertarian and Ron Paul made me an economist. Ron Paul lead me to Peter Schiff’s doomy and gloomy words of truth, but now I’ve found a new true professor of economics. He can take complicated economics topics and make them simple to understand. His name is Chris Martenson and if you truly want to understand the inner workings of the U.S. economy his “Crash Course” is indispensable.

Martenson’s “Crash Course” is a series of freely available short (longest is around 17 minutes) online videos walking you through the daunting task of where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we are headed as it relates to America’s economy. He clearly explains how money is created, how inflation is a necessary function of our flawed system, and how the government’s numbers are more than fuzzy. They are downright hairy.

To put it bluntly, if you are reading this article right now stop what you are doing, go over to and start learning. You will thank us later.

Why are you still reading this? Well, if you’d like an introduction first, listen to his appearance on a Pittsburgh radio station from Saturday night.


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Re: Crash Course DVD promoted by Glenn Beck radio show

I sent Stu an email about a month ago and directed him to the Crash Course, maybe that was it.


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Re: Crash Course DVD promoted by Glenn Beck radio show

I happened to be watching Fox for a while today and caught part of Glenn's show and he had a segment where he was showing the exponential growth of the money supply by the Federal Reserve over the past few decades and making no bones about the fact that this is an unprecedented and scary trend that we should all be very worred about.  I thought to myself, "I should email his show and tell him about the Crash Course".  I got interrupted and didn't get to watch all of the show so I didn't see him plug the Crash Course, but checked in to later and there is the blog post from Chris welcoming Glenn Beck viewers!  Wow, finally an opening in the main stream media!  This is an exciting development!

I just emailed Glenn and thanked him for mentioning the CC and encouraged him to sieze the opportunity to be the man in the MSM to lead the charge in getting the word out and increase the public awareness that our financial system is on life support and the sooner we abandon our course and take bold steps to create a new financial system for the modern world-- the better.

Here is the email address from the Fox site if any more of you want to pile on and thank Glenn for the plug and encourage him to continue to support CC concepts on his show:

[email protected]

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