"Crash Course" on Bullion Bulls Canada site

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"Crash Course" on Bullion Bulls Canada site

I just happily surprised to discover that Chris's Crash Course is now available on the Bullion Bulls Canada website!  They have a Guest Commentary section, and Chris is one of only a couple people that are currently featured there.  And they have links to EVERY CHAPTER of the Crash Course!!  I can't tell how long it has been there.  Check it out at: http://www.bullionbullscanada.com/featured/guest-commentary/chris-martenson.html

Congratulations Chris! 

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Re: "Crash Course" on Bullion Bulls Canada site

Hey, that's great!

BTW, it's been a while since I watched the course- looks like they re-did the graphics,  looks good, I may have to watch it again!

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