Crash coruse PAL.iso HELP

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Crash coruse PAL.iso HELP

Crash Course-PAL.iso

got to 84.8% complete and cant get any futher... Anybody know why  ? have i been blocked or somthing ?

No seeders ? I dont really understand all this torrent things.. ALl i know is its took me 2 days to download and i got 84.8% and cant get the rest..

Anybody got this on their machine ? and willing to let me get the rest ?

 Or even on Disc i can pay $10 for it if you post it too me :)


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Re: Crash coruse PAL.iso HELP

I am seeding it now. If it still doesn't work email me your address and i'll send you a copy - tjpoulos at gmail

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Re: Crash coruse PAL.iso HELP

I will also seed when I get home tonight...5:30pm EST....but I imagine there are other seeds out there as I write and that something else is going on.

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