Could Terry Gross help us spread the word?

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Could Terry Gross help us spread the word?

I am an unabashed NPR junkie, and currently am listening to Terry Gross of Fresh Air interview Gretchen Morgenson of the NYTimes about the mortgage crisis.  Terry has had many guests (Paul Krugman and Alan Greenspan for example) over the past few months to discuss the fiscal mess.  For the most part, they are thoughful interviews (although she never asks the questions Chris would), and she really has devoted alot of care and attention to this matter.

I think if Chris could be a guest on her show it could get a huge amount of least among the liberal intellectual NPR junkie crowd, which, would then spread to the conservative right who want to know what the liberal elite media types are listening too so they can oppose it.  

I know NPR also has the Planet money blog and some great financial reporting by Adam Davidson and Alex Blumberg. Ira Glass devoted two hours to the crisis on This American Life.  One hour here:

Anyway, this is another good avenue to spread the word. I wish I knew someone who worked at NPR or PBS, but someone here might.....

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Re: Could Terry Gross help us spread the word?

I don't own a TV, and my radio only gets NPR.  Fresh Air would be a great program I think to give Chris enough time to get across some his major points in more than just sound bites.  I heard some discussion of deflation and its dangers on NPR this morning, though they only talked about it as a future possibility not a current condition.

How about the crash course and daily blog in a podcast version?  That's one of the main ways I get my daily information and news, so I can listen off my ipod while I'm outside working.  What are some of the best podcasts out there that are evaluating the current financial situation????

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