Could This Be A Real "Green Shoot"?

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Could This Be A Real "Green Shoot"?

Even if it is it will probably get stepped on by Bigfoot Ben...............

Pulled this excerpt from MSN this morning.  Looks like at least one Senator might have a hint of a remote possibility of the magnitude of the real problem.  While the article focuses on Health Care, at least the Debt issue is being mentioned.

I am proud to say that Mark Warner is from Virginia and I voted for him.  The first Democrat I have ever voted for in my life.

Unfortunately, he is also an incumbent and I am rapidly approaching the stance that I will never again vote for an incumbent.  He may be the exception - time will tell.

Link to entire article here:

Exploding’ deficit plays into health reform

Any legislation needs to rein in federal spending, key lawmakers say


WASHINGTON - With polls showing rising concern over the government's grim financial situation, key Republicans and a growing number of Democrats say it will be hard to push an ambitious health reform bill through Congress unless it reduces projected federal spending on medical care and begins to bring the national debtunder control.

"It's not good enough that it's just paid for; it actually has to start driving long-term costs down," said Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), one of nine freshman Democrats who last month urged Senate leaders to pay more attention to controlling federal health spending in this era of "exploding debt and deficits."

"The status quo is going to bankrupt the federal government and bankrupt most American families," Warner said.

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