corruption at Federal Reserve bank goes unnoticed

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corruption at Federal Reserve bank goes unnoticed

The Federal Reserve Bank, always a friend to foreign interests, is instructing illegal aliens that should they return home on their own or should they be deported, their money is safe whether it was obtained working as a busboy in a restaurant or working as an enforcer in a sex-slave house.

The Fed has already set up a system by which illegals can retrieve their money through easy access at an ATM in Mexico using their debit cards. And whom do we have to thank for this financial windfall for illegal aliens? The US federal government.

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Re: corruption at Federal Reserve bank goes unnoticed

Sorry Investorzzo, I don't understand what you find objectionable.  How does it hurt any bank if a foreigner, legal or illegal, has an account?  I have had an overseas account since 1980 in a country I like to visit.  I've never "resided" there legally or otherwise.  How would making it cheaper and/or more convenient to transfer money to and from that account be bad for anyone?

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