Corporate & Municipal Bond Defaults on the Horizon?

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Corporate & Municipal Bond Defaults on the Horizon?

A friend of mine just sent me a link to an article by David Martin descrcibing a perfect storm coming together to create massive defaults in the corporate and municipal bond markets and then describes why these defaults will lead to the failure of credit insurance.

I am curious what you think of his ideas.  I love that David concludes that what we can do is be informed, get creative and build community.


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Re: Corporate & Municipal Bond Defaults on the Horizon?

Interesting article. I had no idea there was a pension insurance program for pensions like the FDIC for bank deposits. It seems impossible for that program to possibly meet the upcoming pension needs.

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Re: Corporate & Municipal Bond Defaults on the Horizon?

Nice article but I don't get the ending:

And, if you want to invest in these challenging times, help clean a
highway, mow a park, or invest more of your scarce resources in your
local grocery store or restaurant.


Mow a park??? Clean a highway??? I don't see how using what left of your money (if we have any when all this is over) to invest in unsustainable things unless the restaurant only serves local food or something. 



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