Corporate Militias? The Ultimate Bad Idea.

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Corporate Militias? The Ultimate Bad Idea.

I don't watch TV or listen to much corporate media. NPR is about it. It is now corporate media too. So, this is my question. 

What is being or has been said about corporations owning armies? Surely this is a VERY BAD idea. Armies are hired or conscripted hate groups waiting for a focal point. Think about it. With corporate media providing the focus when it's time to` kill fer jesus', it's a pretty lethal combination to point those ahhhhhh... others..... those impediments to corporate interests, those who speak out.

I also think the paper work mumbo jumbo that makes up the articles of incorporation or what ever they are called were written by paranoid ego maniacs and need to be changed. The people with the money need to be responsible for the damage they inflict and answer directly to the people they harm. Big Biddness wants the rights of individuals. Let them have all that goes with it. Their level of protection is a perversion of justice. As is the Supreme Tarts' recent decision on increasing corporate freedom to buy congressmen BJs and golf junkets. All this is one more incremental move toward blurring the line between big biddness and governments. Now there is a merger waiting to happen. Science fiction will be at our door step once again.


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Re: Corporate Militias? The Ultimate Bad Idea.


The corporations already own the military in this country. This has been said many  places many times. Read some Mike Ruppert, Chalmers Johnson, Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal etc. There is a plethora of info on old threads in the forum section.

The takeover is complete and it is totally seamless.


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Re: Corporate Militias? The Ultimate Bad Idea.

Don't forget to look into Xe.  The ultimate private militia on american soil paid for with your tax dollars but under the control of a CEO who says he is doing god's work.....

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