A cool trill

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A cool trill

Ive seen chapter 11 if course on how to visulise a trillion, but somehow it didnt really do it for me

I read somewhere recently (sorry cant find it now)



that a trillion seconds is..........





wait for it..............







how many years do you think.....................?








scroll down for the answer ...............







its more than you think.....................






way more..............






go on, have a guess..............................







how many years is a trillion seconds............................?






its 36,688 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A trillion seconds ago Neanderthals walked the Earth



or 31,546 years if you listen to Nasa;

(An interesting
bit of trivia: If one were to count the national Debt at the rate of one
dollar per second, he or she would have to use a mechanical counter to
click off the digits. Why? Because, if he or she counted in the usual
way, saying "one, two, three, …" etc., there would be numbers whose
names are so large, that it would take more than a second of clock time
to pronounce them. For example: "Nine hundred and ninety nine billion,
nine hundred and ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand,
nine hundred and ninety nine," takes about 8 seconds to pronounce.)

from ; http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/Numbers/Math/Mathematical_Thinking/how_big_is_a_trillion.htm 


Also, light travels about 186,000 miles per second, so there are around 6 trillion miles in a light year, so you could say that the US govt is printing dollars faster than the speed of light, errrrrr, or something............

Well, knock me down with a feather!

im going for a lay down now.........


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Re: A cool trill

I started wondering how many screenscrolls I would need for 1trill's of blank lines....

(Now that would be a 'deep drill' instead of 'cool trill')

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Re: A cool trill

Nice post.... yet I don't think 37k is light speed.  I think light speed is 186,000 miles per second or something near there.

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Re: A cool trill

I was thinking the other night after posting this, that it would take 'someone' well over 100,000 years to count up to 1 trillion verbally (That's using barrtmaths though) it could well be longer

and using barrtmaths (tm) again, if say a strange sect of monks wanted to count up to a trillion verbally, by passing down the baton to future generations, how many generations of monks would it take? Lets see, if the first monk started at say 10 years old and counted until he was 70 and then retired, so 60 years of counting for each monk with total count time of 100,000 years would be lets see, Oooh at least 1666 generations of monks hard at it for 60 years each! that's a long line of monks.

arent we lucky to have such fast and clever computers!?

Can that be right? barrtmaths is not real maths after all

and Caroline I don't think you read that part about light speed correctly, you are right it is 186,000 miles per second which is over 6 trillion miles per year which is the barrtmaths rate at which your cwazy govt is creating zeros

and while I'm here do you think the Fed Res has a golden keyboard in a hallowed golden vault that the head Rothschild uses to tap the hallowed golden zero button with one trouser leg rolled up to his knee while chanting some ungodly satanic verse or have i just been reading too much?


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Re: A cool trill

My Dad just pointed out to me that if one spent $1 million every day since the year zero until today, one still woud not have spent $1 trillion.  The actual number is somewhere near $733 billion.  Would someone mind telling that to our brilliant leaders?

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