Control of 401K

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Control of 401K

After listening to the entire crash course, I've decided to take better control of my 401K but I don't know where to start.  Does anyone have information on self managed 401K's and how to start one?



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Re: Control of 401K

Hi JAudette.

I'm no expert, but I here's a few links on the topic from past posts to get started.  I imagine there are people here who can post more specific information for you.

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Re: Control of 401K

I did the same thing. You have to get your plan provider to put a PCRA into your options for investing. What that is is basically a brokerage trading account where you can buy ETF's, equities, mutual funds, etc.


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Re: Control of 401K

I've been using Schwab for about 10 years. They have good research on stocks - lots of opinions and always good service.

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Re: Control of 401K

Is your 401k with a current employer or a former employer? For the general info all reading this, if it's with a current employer you're generally stuck with the options within the plan unless you can convince your employer to make changes. If it's with a former employer you can roll over to a personal IRA and do many more different things depending who you place your account with.

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