construction workers are hurting

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construction workers are hurting

i went through my sent message que this morning to see how many jobs i have applied for in the last three weeks and the count is 76. i'm a carpenter with 8 years experience. i feel like i'm the cream of the crop, i can build a house from frame to finish, from 2x4's and rafters to tile and hardwood flooring. i know my trade and my resume, references, and portfolio reflect it. so i've been having a hard time understanding why i haven't gotten any call backs until yesterday when i found a job posting in an obscure place with the employer actually posting a phone number to call. this is unheard of in my area. all job post either direct you to some automated website where you can upload resume or attached to an email. anyway i called this gentlemen and he commenced to explain to me that had gotten over 1000 phone calls about the job since he had posted.(three weeks) incredible.. it's rough out there...

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Re: construction workers are hurting


I feel your pain. I am a general contractor in New Orleans area and its bad all over. I still have two houses in a great subdivision that haven't sold since last April when the BP Oil spill caused majore disruption. Pre spill, these houses were selling in 52 days on average. I can't hire you if I have no work...

Another current issue is that there are so many foreclosures on the market the getting comps from bank appraisers to build a new home is hard when foreclosed homes are selling for less than replacement costs. Not too many people I know buy houses for cash so loans without appraisals are not going through.

I pray you find work, but if I were you I would look for some skills beyond home construction just in case the economy doesn't get better as promised from President Obama, Ben Bernanke and my fav....Tim Geithner say it will.

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Side Jobs Suggestions?

I'm really sorry to hear that it is so tough out there. I hope you guys are able to hang in there.

I don't know if these ideas would help. Maybe you're already doing these things, so please forgive me.

How about making some things in your spare time like chicken coops, storage sheds, and mini-green houses? (I'd mention deluxe tree houses and little kids' play houses, but I don't know if there are potential liability issues if a kid falls out of a tree, for example.) Especially if they were designed to match the looks of the house or yard, rather than some factory-made plastic-and-steel contraption, I think people would be interested. So maybe no one has money for a house or $10,000 for a home renovation. But they might have $400 or $1,000 here and there and not be as afraid to risk that much, and once you build trust with them, they might have more work they'd trust you with...

Basically, while you're looking for a construction job, maybe there's some side business your neighbors that you know (and that know you) may be interested in. Personally, I know my parents have a yard with dilapidated fencing that could use replacing.

I'm just extrapolating based on what I know about carpentry or contractor skills. For me, my plan if I were to lose my job would be to immediately start looking for another job, but in the meantime, study up on skills and do side work in web design (I used to be a web designer) and photography (I've shot a couple of weddings and have done portrait work and model work).


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