Congressman is coming to town.....

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Congressman is coming to town.....
Received the following email from my rep. I was wondering what kind of questions you wold ask of your rep. I really think this is just a dog and pony show to calm the sheeple down and score votes.
But its time to put the screws to these guys and make them very afraid when they do not perform as to the wishes of the people.
Please share your questions here, and any locals that may be in the area be sure to attend.


Please join me this Saturday for a Town Talk to hear an
update on how your economic recovery dollars are going to work
Washington state and on the President's plans to address the housing
crisis, help our economy recover and invest in our nation's


Lake Stevens Town Talk

Saturday, March

10:00 -

Lake Stevens High School Cafeteria

2908 113th Avenue
Lake Stevens


I hope you will join me and your Lake Stevens neighbors
for a discussion about the challenges we face in Snohomish County and across the
country and what we can do to overcome them. I want to hear your thoughts and
answer your questions. 


If you have
questions about this event, please call my 
Everett office at


Rick Larsen
United States
Washington State, 2nd District 

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Re: Congressman is coming to town.....

Unless Rick is not in one of the 2 parties, don't bother. What you should do is organize a protest with others in your community and hand out Crash Course DVD's to the people that do come to talk to Mr. Larsen.

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