Congratulations and hats off to Chris for a hurculean feat: The Crash Course is complete!

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Congratulations and hats off to Chris for a hurculean feat: The Crash Course is complete!

Hats off to Chris for the Crash Course: an incredible piece of work.

Chris will soon be working on more new content for the site. But please join me now in virtual toast to the man who created this great work and chose to give it away for free.

The Crash Course took more of Chris personal time and devotion than he ever bargained for. Now that it's done, he deserves our thanks for making this valuable work free to everyone.

And now that the CC is finished, I hope everyone will join in and support Chis by putting the word out about the Crash Course to everyone they know. This is a grassroots effort, and we're headed for a tipping point. We're already working on a DVD version and have had discussions about books and national TV appearances. This thing is going to really take off, but we urgently need everyone's help to put the word out and make it happen!


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Re: Congratulations and hats off to Chris
I agree, Erik, and thanks for helping him.
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Re: Congratulations and hats off to Chris for a hurculean feat:

Great Effort Chris

I have really enjoyed the course.

I could really see this body of work gaining the momentum of Al Gore's inconvenient truth and gaining widespread attention - it's pretty confronting stuff.

I will think how I can contribute to this.




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Re: Congratulations and hats off to Chris for a hurculean feat:

Hip, hip, horray!

Great work Chris!

"Thank you" just isn't enough!



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Go raibh maith agat! (thanks in irish)

Bravo Chris!

I agree (and simultaneously hope and fear) that the success or failure of many communities will be determined by their willingness and capability to function as a community.  

Thanks again!




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Re: Congratulations and hats off to Chris for a hurculean feat:

you are one inspirational dude chris martenson
god has prepared a special place in heaven for you.
i am blessed to be in the same foxhole. 
 "be the change you wish to see in the world "
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Re: Congratulations and hats off to Chris

Inspirational, Chris, Inspirational

Northern Soul 


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Re: Congratulations and hats off to Chris


The old adage "Give a man a fish..." comes to mind.  Sure, you could have told us what you're doing or what you think we should do specifically in Chapter 20.  But as you pointed out, that ignores the complexity and diversity of everyone's situation.  

It is far more helpful to teach us how to analyze our own circumstances, identify which actions need to be taken, and then prioritize those actions using simple frameworks.  And that's of course exactly what you've done.

My wife and I have started a "salon" (a gathering of minds, not a beauty parlor :)) where we've presented material from the Crash Course and other resources in an effort to stimulate discussion and action amongst our community of friends.  The response has been overwhelming; we had 16 people the first meeting and 17 the second, and we would have had more but we had to cut it off because we ran out of space!  We affectionately call our group "the end of the world salon", with the full recognition, of course, that it's also the "beginning of a new world".

I've sent the Crash Course link to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so.

If it was available on DVD or for download to be put on an iPod, that would be really helpful.

Thanks again for dedicating yourself to this.  Your time and efforts are sincerely appreciated.


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Re: Congratulations and hats off to Chris

While I join the chorus of praise for this very remarkable piece of work, I am also a bit disappointed by one major omission.

Chris implies well enough, thoughout, that the three key problem areas have been either created or at least made much worse by the institution of government, but I think he nowhere says so explicitly. That's a real pity, for unless the root problem is clearly identified, there is no possibility of solution.

Section #20 is an excellent and systematic presentation of what individuals can do to protect ourselves, and that's a good priority; I had been wondering whether it would propose a program of political action, and that would have been a mistake. Political action is what caused this mess, so is the last way it might be cleared up; furthermore the recent massive bailout was done by Congress in the teeth of a groundswell of popular opposition (of 4 to 1?) so proving that politicians don't do what people want even when our will is clearly expressed. So it's good that Chris stayed clear of that one.

I had hoped, though, that as well as correctly identifying the root cause of it all, Section 20 would not just show ways to take cover, but also suggest a way for individuals to work to remove that root. Those would have added an appropriate crown to an excellent job of work.



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Re: Congratulations and hats off to Chris for a hurculean feat:

Hy everybody!

First I must say that all 20 chapters were very interesting and I was frightened about the facts. Very well assembled by Chris!

But second, all of that facts were known for quite a while. USA debt, lack of oil etc. Nothing revolutionary.

It was also not objective to represent those facts from only one point of view. In coming years there might arise better tecnologies, green technologies (sunpower, windpower), better machines which will consume less fuel etc., small but important things anyway. Still, those things can not replace oil ofcourse. 

 It is good to open people`s eyes so they can do something about it (except the poor one). It is also good for Chris to make some money during crisis when people are frightened :). Hey Erik Townsend, you must be his chief of marketing!

Anyway, good work Chris. I was impressed and will spread the word 

P.S. English is not my first language ;) 






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Right questions leads to right personalized answers

Congratulations Chris (and supportive family), Erik, and others behind the scenes. This has been worthwhile. Smile

I like the format of chapter 20, while it may not please the immediate gratification crowd, the awareness, resources, priorities, and action steps does need to be personalized. Not by dictate, but by worksheet, discussion, review, adjustment, and journal will the direction become clear for each person. Having the right questions is more than half the way to coming up with the right answers.

As a suggestion, I would like to see Chris provide a barometer on the deflation process, so we can know where to look for a bottom, and what events would indicate a change to inflation. Macro economic timing is a big issue for most here, they need to know what to look forin an eventual recovery, so they do not get wiped out by deflation.



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