Commercial Hemp Production

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Commercial Hemp Production


I wonder what benefit relaxation of laws against the cultivation of hemp would be to assist a transition resulting from resource depletion. I want to emphasise this is a post about industrial hemp and not canabis.

Hemp is a plant that was once grew extensively throughout the temperate zones of the planet and which helped support the growth of civilisation through it's versatility. It's supporter's make some claims on it's economic value that to me sound somewhat outlandish but reading through the wikipedia entry there seems some truth behind them. I confess, I know little of it's comparitive attributes except for the obvious cheeky little effect some strains can have on the conscious state, which seems the only justification for it's very strict control.

Historically, especially in the U.S, hemp cultivation has helped support it's population through hardship and I've read that in some countries, notably Australia, has helped it's population survive mass starvation.

My suggestion would be that in a scenario of resource depletion, or in the very least high commodity price inflation, this plant may actually be one of the more useful plants to cultivate to support local communities but as I have already confessed, I know little of the truths behind it's uses.

I intend to do some further research ( dry.gif) but wondered if any posters here can supply any pointers to a balanced opinion on the plant ?

I do also hope that some posters don't find the subject too much of a taboo and apologise in advance.

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