The College Conspiracy

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The College Conspiracy


So far a great documentary.  Gerald Celente comments in this new Documentary




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Great video!  I've been

Great video!  I've been saying how worthless a College degree is for a long time.  (I have quite a few degrees and have been going to school continuously for 20 years so I should know.)  Education is more dependent on how you apply yourself, how you obtain the information you need, and most importantly, how well you use that information to your advantage.  Simply having a piece of paper doesn't make you more qualified to perform a task when those that have signed that paper are completely worthless at their task.

Socialist policies and Government handouts destroyed the free market system to pay for the schools on your own.  Draft dodging hippies who fled to schools for so long gaining degree after degree are now the University professors of today who teach classes like "The Beatles" and "The Simpsons" which are absolutely worthless.  (I'm not kidding, I saw these classes for myself at ASU last year.)  As the movie says, the Government has no business fudning college whatsoever and now our tax dollars are paying for this garbage.

I'll be bringing this up at a few Teaparty meetings.  Thanks for posting this jneo.

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nice, thanks for the vid-link.

I've got a P.H.D., that's Pilled Higher and Deeper, College is not in itself, knowledge, it's what you make of it.

$200k in debt, before you have your first job, that's insane, but they still turn out some really smart folks, that's the point missed in the vid.

But, the vid made great points, not everyone can or needs to go, and turning out a few great ones, does not justify the costs to the ones, just as in debt, that can't think for themselves.

First they teach you how to read, then they teach you what to read, then they teach you how to think, then they teach you what to think, not good.

Andrew Jackson went to "Field School", and was the pivotal figure in the last 200 years.

We should all be that educated.

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After watching it all the way through to the end, it seemed to me that he is suggesting that young people take the money that they would have invested in their educations and invest it all in PMs.  That does not sit well with me.

I agree that we are sending too many young people to college. "We" being supportive parents and schools under pressure from  NCLB legislation that requires higher graduation rates and drives schools to teach to the test.  Last year here we were herded into a faculty meeting where we were told that we could give no grades less than 60 percent unless we provided academic research to prove that lower grades would improve student performance.  People normally don't write academic papers that support common sense. Now that I am retired I might spend some of my time doing such foolishness just to support someone who is following in my footsteps.

Once you have sent students to college who are not intellectually prepared to take advantage of the experience, the teachers are left with more NCLB legislation that has made its way all the way up to the top and shackles college professors as well, or so I have been told by friends at higher places.

Now my own children were AP students in high school and held jobs at the same time.  Not only held jobs, but were moved up in those jobs to more responsiblity.  They  had HOPE scholarships, PELL grants, and held multiple jobs at the same time to get through their undergraduate degrees.  I helped too, when money was tight for them, but they did most of it themselves.  When they went to grad school, yes they got loans.

My son is now employed by a company he worked for as a volunteer while he was finishing his MBA.  My daughter was at the top of her law class and did find a job out of law school.  They have worked very hard, have been very focused, have learned to network, and are very dedicated to what they do.  While they don't like the idea of paying back the money, they do feel that the education was worth it.

When I asked my daughter to comment, she sent me this and said that is was very popular in her first year law class:


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The College Conspiracy Dvd is worth watching

 I've watched this documentary numerous times, and find it to be very informative and full of great info.

I can't imagine graduating college with 40 or 80,000 dollars in debt. 


Its worth watching. You can get the College Conspiracy Dvd at

direct link is below:


Its all about the student loan debt crisis.

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