CM Community: Embracing the Future

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CM Community: Embracing the Future

This may be way off base...but here goes.

What are the chances of a "convention" of sorts?

There are many issues that need to be discussed and many members (like me) who would like to caucus and "flesh out" some of the steps of preparation...for the coming changes.

I know this would take enormous logistical coordination...

But I would be there, wherever that is, in a flash.

I'm thinking:  a Th, Fri, Sa, Su convention somewhere convenient for CM. 

Questions:  what topics, what discussion groups, keynote speaker, support services, hotel, travel partners, et al...

But the returns to the community would / could be enormous.

And there would be a necessary fee that is commensurate with the effort...say $500 admission fee?

I'm just taking a stab at this.  Would there be any interest from the community?  Any support from  administration?

I sure hope so.



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Re: CM Community: Embracing the Future

Sounds like fun! :-)

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Re: CM Community: Embracing the Future

Well, actually it sounds like some of Chris' seminars end up being conventions of sorts (particularly last year's Rowe conference from what I've heard), since a lot of folks here end up travelling to attend.  I would love to attend such seminars, but inflexible work schedule and being clear across the country in Alaska makes that tricky.  Perhaps Chris has some rough plans for a new 'Rowe'-type seminar in the next year?  (one can hope!)

- Nickbert

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Re: CM Community: Embracing the Future

I'd love one, too.

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Re: CM Community: Embracing the Future

I think it may be a good idea but I suspect that many would have the same problem as I do with the inability to take off work during the week. For those that could manage the schedule I am sure that it would be fun.

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