Climate Change - Example of Our Crash Course Future?

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Climate Change - Example of Our Crash Course Future?

Note:  Took my post from ongoing Global Climate Change thread and made into a new thread topic to suggest is this a possible predictor toward how societies are addressing and will address key Crash Course subjects.



Now...over a year later, the Global Change: is it worth brushing off thread continues (432 posts as of this writing)...with the seemingly endless's 2 questions/points...

1.)   Leadership...Management:  Does the Climate Change issue show effective leadership and management?   (Hint:  Why the discourse and still large percentage of skeptics...are the tasked organizations and individuals showing effective leadership, management problem solving skills after 2 decades...what does it say about our ability to address crash course issues)?

2.)   Causality or Modulator Mechanism.  Can anyone state the single...1st order (i.e. primary) theme of the whole AGW discourse in basic terms and are any of you discussing this?   (Hint: Should be able to state in no more than one sentence).   Do you know how much effort is going in to resolve this alleged discrepancy? 

Offer this subject and thread as evidence of a source for possible concern for where were at...where were heading?

Consider addressing these 2 points/questions above if your going to comment...please don't present your "side" for the nth time.  

For newcomers...made my comments long ago on this subject.    To briefly reiterate...have no "side"...just sound science through essentially data supporting theory/understanding and reproducibility.


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Re: Climate Change - Example of Our Crash Course Future?


A big part of the problem is that trust is gone as the international bankers seem to be using AGW to make themselves richer.  Their solution is to levy an international tax on "offenders."  The taxes will not be collected by government, they will be imposed through a new ponzi scheme.

It appears that lobbyists rather than scientists will determine the problem that fits their solution.  

The Horrors Of The Carbon Trade Derivatives Beast - There are many ways of fixing things. Using the right tools is important. The international bankers have chosen a very nasty tool for fixing both global warming and dealing with the Hubbert Oil Peak: wild derivative futures markets modeled on the goofy OTC —CDS market! The thing that just destroyed international banking.

If the guys yelling about global warming were even slightly serious, they would strangle ‘free trade’ and revert to the earlier, older method of doing business much more locally. Instead of this sane solution, they have decided to have a hidden tax on energy. Which isn’t a real tax. It is a new Derivatives Beast which they hope to grow so it is BIGGER than the thing it supposedly taxes!!!!

This is pure insanity but very profitable for the bankers. The bankers hate direct taxes. This flows to GOVERNMENTS, not them! They by far prefer to have governments run in the red and go to them for funding, not the reverse.  Europe is very big on this carbon trading business because most of the international bankers who will be destroying our lives this way are based in Europe or European-run banks on British sovereign islands.

Carbon Trading May Dwarf Crude Oil – Carbon Challenge Series 2009 – Special Report – - If carbon cap-and-trade becomes a reality, get ready for a potential multi-trillion dollar commodities market that could sprout up quickly, but not without growing pains. “I’m estimating carbon markets could be worth $2 trillion in transaction value – money changing hands – within five years of trading (starting),” says Bart Chilton, a Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) commissioner, who’s also chairman of its energy and environmental markets advisory committee. “That would make it the largest physically traded commodity in the US, surpassing even oil.”


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