Civilization at the Crossroads

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Civilization at the Crossroads

I think that this essay provides a comphrehensive primer describing the world we live in.  Truly, we are at a historical crossroads and the stakes could not be greater. 

(Complete article link from the Silver Bear Cafe)

In our last letter we stated that, "American capitalism ended in 1913 and remains "An Unknown Ideal." We also commented that, "A troubling question arises: Has the financial community hijacked government?"

We are going to discuss those issues in an historical and philosophical context. We all today live in a twilight zone where things seemingly are and yet aren't. We must travel down some roads, which are troubling and rather dark. But, it is necessary, because it is today's reality. We can say at the start that you will find the trip unbelievable - I know I did when I first stumbled down this path. Matter of fact, at first I totally dismissed it as absolute insanity and therefore not possible. For, it was inconceivable that the morality of man could descend to such naked malevolence.

So - every once in awhile it pays to stand back and locate one's position in reality. Events have gone well beyond the field of economics, finance and politics. Sub rosa forces seem to be spinning us deep into an Orwellian existence. The Founding Fathers created a Constitutional Republic. It was not a democracy.

The natural and inalienable rights of the individual trumped the majority vote of a mob. The State was to be the servant of the individual. The Declaration of Independence was the culmination of the Enlightenment and Classical Liberalism. The individual and the concept of property rights were elevated to be supreme. The individual was set free from the collective, king or god to pursue his own rational self interests. This noble experiment propelled the United States to a level of achievement, which has never been equaled. Productivity is the essential requirement of life. In fact, life demands it. It is metaphysical. That is, it is biocentric. Life is a constant process of self-sustaining and self generated action. The individual is the creator and to deny or impinge, in any way, on the products of his efforts leads society down the road to slavery.

In 1760, Mayer Amschel Rothschild created the House of Rothschild that was to pave the way for international banking and control of the world's resources on a scale both unparalleled and mysterious. His five sons were disbursed throughout Europe. In time, control of the Bank of France and the Bank of England was achieved.

The Devil's Theory of History

There is compelling evidence confirming this hypothesis presented in the works of: (1) Anthony C. Sutton, America's Secret Establishment (an introduction to The Order) , The Federal Reserve Conspiracy, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler , Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, (2) C. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island, (3) Eustace Mullins, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, The World Order, and (4) Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.

All of these, argue and present evidence, with names, dates and places, that can only be explained by a conspiracy theory, which harnessed the political and financial power for subversive ends. Sutton stipulated what constituted proof of a conspiracy, they were: 1) there must be secret meetings, 2) these meetings must agree to a course of action, and 3) this action must be illegal.

As FDR stated, "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." Woodrow Wilson in 1913 wrote: "some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." And Roosevelt in a letter to Col. Edward Mandell House in November 1933, wrote:"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson."

Today, our current intellectual and financial state only adds further evidence to the conspiracy theory. Why does our government rush to rescue the banksters of Wall Street with trillions of dollars? How is it that the government can seem to find trillions for pre-emptive foreign wars and endless bailouts, but so little for the citizen? Where is America's fourth estate? Following the "Downing Street Memo" published by The Sunday Times on May 1, 2005, which provided hard, first hand, evidence that Bush had lied, we heard nothing. Why did Pelosi take impeachment off the table? Why is Obama's administration protecting the previous administration from prosecution? How can Obama speak of the "American Dream" of saving to educate our children and grandchildren; while Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats speak of confiscating private retirement accounts?

Hegelian Dialect - The Key

With this background we look deeper into Hegel's philosophy. An understanding of which will lead us to a processes that began a bloodless and silent revolution, that has ravaged America's ideals and plundered mankind. Hegel advocated a process of conflict to bring about change in society. Conflict is essential in order to promote change and thereby, elevate the supremacy of the State.

Both Marx and Hitler clearly emerged out of Hegel's philosophy of elitism and State control. Even though Marx and Hitler were advocates of socialism sharing the same philosophical base, they were promoted as two extremes (thesis and antithesis.) But, they served to create a conflict. This conflict of opposites was essential to bring about change, the synthesis, thus advancing toward the real hidden objective. It became the major tool in "conflict management" to control and advance socialism toward a New World Order. The conflict, is a ruse, to deflect attention from a higher objective.

The Soviet Union was allowed to emerge from the destruction of World War II, solely because she was needed as the next "evil empire" (anti-thesis) so the West could launch a new crusade - The Cold War. Now, it's the "war against terrorism."

In politics, they support both parties, even though both are essentially the same. The game is to have two parties that only appear to be opposites, when, in fact, the elite want the two parties to be identical. Thus, the American people can "throw the rascals out" at election time without there being any real change in policies and therefore their control. And the illusion of a "free society" is maintained.

Paul Warburg was the mastermind and did most of the drafting at Jekyll Island. Warburg was a recent immigrant from Germany who had joined the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb, as a partner reportedly earning $500,000 a year. The primary deception of Warburg's plan was to create in name only a regional reserve system. This would deflect the public's distrust of a central bank

Rothschild's had always feigned that they had little ambition in the United States. It was a deliberate deception and cover to deflect scrutiny and detection. In fact, the Rothschild's had several American agents. August Belmont, as a decoy, had publicly been identified in 1837 as one. But, it was never publicly disclosed, that J.P. Morgan and or Kuhn Loeb were also secret agents for Rothschild.

The Rothschilds had many hidden interests in American banking. Jacob Schiff, who brought the Kuhn Loeb firm to its preeminent role, was born in the Rothschild house in Frankfurt, which the Rothschild's shared with the Schiff family. After the Aldrich Plan aroused such resentment, Warburg got the Federal Reserve Act going, which under its cover was the Aldrich Plan with only minor changes. According to Mullins: "The mastermind of both plans was Baron Alfred Rothschild of London."

The Creature and the Great Conspiracy

Mullins finished his first edition of The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, in 1950. Eighteen publishers turned it down without comment, but the nineteenth offered Mullins some friendly advice: "I like your book, but we can't print it, neither can anybody else in New York." After two more years of failure a small edition was finally published by friends with private money. In 1955, a German edition was published. The book was seized and the entire edition of 10,000 copies were burned by government agents. This has been the only book burned in Germany, since the Nazis.

Mullins research on the Fed continued and in the later version the shadowy American figures were but fronts for unknown figures which he identified as the "London Connection." Mullins commented: "I found that notwithstanding our success in the Wars of Independence and 1812 against England, we remained an economic and financial colony of Great Britain. For the first time, we located the original stockholders of the Federal Reserve Banks and traced their parent companies to the "London Connection."

G. Edward Griffin's, in his book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, published in 1994, adds detail to the "London Connection." Without question, behind the "London Connection" was the House of Rothschild. The Rothschild family represented untold wealth and unrivaled power. They were the financial rulers of nations. They were known to profit from both sides of armed conflict. War required debt and debt was converted back into wealth via the opportunities of crises and panics. Secrecy was always an essential element to their dealings.

The banking community had always constituted a "fifth estate" whose members were able, by control of the purse, to affect important events. The House of Rothschild was immensely more successful and powerful than any other financial power. It was vast and it was international and independent. Governments couldn't control it. It operated behind the scenes in secrecy. They perfected banking to a malevolent art. They operated a highly efficient intelligence gathering system, which kept them often ahead of events. This footprint of the House of Rothschild of cold, ruthless, amoral objectivity - totally pragmatic and opportunistic was to become the future footprint for others.

Gold and the Portfolio

Gold's almost perfect environment has arrived. In March, the race to the bottom of our current monetary system has gone critical, with first the "hard money" Swiss, then Britain and finally , the U.S. embracing the end game of direct monetization of government debt paper. England, the Swiss and the United States have provided the world with a key or reserve currency for nearly 300 years. We are in a transition period unlike any. The last transition - from the UK Pound to the U.S. Dollar between 1914 and 1945 - was no fun. The current fraudulent "monetary" system will not survive.

The problem for the Establishment is that there is an elephant, of there own creation, in the room, which they are desperately trying to coverup. It cannot be done. The elephant is the derivative market. Five banks account for over 95% of all derivatives and over 80% of the total net credit risk exposure. JP Morgan Chase holds a staggering $88 trillion, 2.3 times number two, Bank of America. As of the third quarter 2008, the total OTC derivatives in gold with less than one year maturity have a nominal value of $94.589 billion. Of this amount Morgan and HSBC hold $94.014 billion or over 99%. JP Morgan's leverage to financial derivatives exceeds 300 to 1. Bank of America and Citigroup never had anywhere near that. The vaporization of AIG, Bear Stearns, Lehman and others was all due to blowups in their OTC derivatives, which were significantly less than JP Morgan's.

Morgan's gold and interest rate derivative positions are the smoking gun. They are the direct link to the manipulation of gold and bond prices. Watch for gold's move through $1000 and the U.S. government 30 year yield breaking above 5%. This will signal the second round of derivative blowups and the insolvent banking industry led by Morgan will be history. Gold is your only possible life line to survival.

The secret elite have made a fatal miscalculation. A money monopoly is power - great power - but, it is not infinite. They could not have launched the world into perpetual wars without it. The root of this power was the ability to exploit the wealth of the productive citizen. However, like any parasite, they are ultimately dependent upon the host. The Federal Reserve and the banking system are mutually dependent. The Fed's own credit worthiness goes with those five banks. Financial bubbles are not wealth. The world has never witnessed such madness as the 'Creature from Jekyll Island' unleashed. The arrogance and conceit of leveraging their capital as they did along with derivatives was their fatal error. As Rand said their check is about to bounce, "account over drawn." There are no more bailouts. Atlas has shrugged.


Intellectual confusion is the hallmark of our culture. It was planned, it's not accidental.

History is far from being random and accidental. The truth and the power is found in philosophy and its ideas. Man's conceptual facility, which is volitional, is powerful - very powerful. From it comes the beauty or the beast in man. The Order's founders and original organizers were "brilliant" intellectuals, but they were beasts, enabled by Kant and Hegel.

We emerged form the dark ages when the powers of the church were separated from the state. Now, we must separate economics and business from the state. Capitalism(economics) and The Declaration of Independence (politics) failed this time, since they are incompatible with the morality of faith and self-sacrifice. Capitalism and the inalienable rights of man require their own philosophical foundation based on reason and the virtue of selfishness. Check your premises, educate yourself, and then act - there's a lot of work to be done.


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