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As the case with many businesses, I imagine this site has cost more to develop & run than I would imagine. And even if it hasn't been overly expensive in terms of direct dollar cost, there can be no doubt that Chris (& others) have invested huge amounts of time to create this site & the Crash Course. Whether or not this site was initially created with the hope or idea that it might one day be a money-maker I don't know, but it certainly has the potential to be a cash cow now:

 You can order the DVD today for:

  • $30 for one
  • $75 for three ($15 savings)
  • $199 for ten ($101 savings)

Click here to order.

 A few short months I ordered DVDs for $1.00 each--I bought 100 DVDs for $100, (plus shipping)--now they're ten DVDs for $200! Now THAT'S inflation!! LOL!!!

More than a few of you will think I'm being sarcastic when I say this, but I'm not angry or resentful that the prices went up (though I probably would try & negotiate a deal if I wanted to order another 100 DVDs . . .)--I'm just jealous!! With all sincerity I say "Bravo Chris!!!"

I'm an unapologetic capitalist, and if a man (or woman!) can do a true societal good by creating a business which provides for his family--than God Bless & congratulations! I wish you much success!

And what a great business it is! No product to steal, high margins, relatively few employees, but smart folks everywhere willing to donate their time to improve the business!! All this plus an extremely low low carbon footrpint!! And as an added bonus--the owner can live virtually anywhere he wants while continueing to run the business!! Beautiful!!!

So here's hoping this site catches some viral tidal wave (snippets of the Crash Course being watched by millions of people on youtube?), many tens of thousands of DVDs get ordered & watched & exponentially more people get educated on what's happening so they can prepare for their future, while Chris & his family enjoys an insanely healthy income stream!

But I would be remiss if I didn't say this, too: as much as I hope the above all happens, I hope even harder that the current economic storm we're experiencing doesn't get as bad as many on this site are expecting and preparing for, and in five years or so Chris is lucky enough to retire to some bucolic farm somewhere with his family & lives out the rest of life happy, fulfilled, and financially set by the income from a web site which helped people prepare for something that could have--but thankfully didn't!--happen.

BTW: what I wrote -- "a web site which helped people prepare for something that could have--but thankfully didn't!--happen" -- I wasn't referring to peak oil or world population growth or to anything else in the Crash Course which talks about what's going to happen gradually over the next 20 years. I'm referring to the manic tone this site has begun to take over this site, with everyone stockpiling toilet paper and such in preperation for a societal collapse they're expecting within the next 6-12 months. Sorry, but I'm not drinking the kool aid.

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Re: turns FOR-PROFIT! :-)


I had to read your post a couple of times to figure out where you were coming from. It sounds like you are genuine in your compliments, and I agree that stockpiling toilet paper in preparation for imminent collapse is unwarranted.

But honestly, I wonder how newcomers to the site will interpret your comments. I don't think they were intended to be disrespectful or sarcastic, but honestly they kind of come across that way.

If anyone wants to know how Chris Martenson's mind works when it comes to "for profit" or "not for profit", I can tell you first hand based on traveling to his home to spend several days with him and his family. Chris is passionately devoted to spreading this message far and wide. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if Chris were a single guy, he would not only be giving all his work away for free and maybe even spending the last of his own savings on promoting the message. He really cares that much about doing the right thing for the world.

So we're sitting in front of the woodstove talking about the strategy for how to give everything away for free, and Simon (Chris' son) walks past, and you can see the wheels turning in Chris' eyes... I want to do the right thing for my country... But am I doing the right thing for my family? I've never heard him say that aloud but he's an easy read.

Folks, if anyone is in doubt, Chris Martenson is the most generous, selfless, well-meaning human being you could possibly meet. But he's a man stuck in personal conflict. His personal passion is to give himself  selflessly to our country. Then he takes a breath and realizes that all his generosity could be putting his family at risk because he's been so busy helping all of us for free that he didn't have time to think about putting them first. His paternal instinct takes over, and he swings back toward doing something really greedy, such as charging 10% of what the CC is really worth for those who choose to buy it!

GR8FUL, I want you to know that after reading your post for the 3rd time, I realized that you were sincerely complimentary toward Chris and well-meaning. But honestly, there was room for someone new to the site to interpret your comments sarcastically, as an attack on Chris.

Assuming that I am right and you meant no disrespect, I hope you'll clarify your intent a bit in a reply. Posting a message pointing out that a public service of sorts has "turned FOR-PROFIT" (capitalization emphasis yours, not mine) could easily give newcomers the impression that you think Chris is a greedy self-serving guy who only gave the first version of the DVD away at cost as some sort of scam tactic. I know you didn't mean that, but honestly that's that way it read (to me anyway) at first.

Here's how I look at it: We have seen a 3000% increase in the price of the Crash Course on DVD. Put another way, Chris is now selling the Crash Course for 30% of what it's worth instead of 1% of what it's worth. The 1% deal was a give away to society because Chris just can't help himself. Let's keep all this in context. True "for-profit" works on the current crisis cost about $30 for a single DVD and offer about 5% of the content.

I hope I'm not over-reacting, GR8FUL, but your post hit me the wrong way at first then I realized you were on the right page after reading it again. I fear that newbies might not make it to the 2nd round.




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Re: turns FOR-PROFIT! :-)


You're reading & interpretation of my post was correcf the 3rd time around. If newbies read it & interpret it incorrectly, then I'm sorry for that--truly an unintended consequence.

Truth be told, I do enjoy "stirring the pot" as it were, and I knew that title would rile at least a few people up. Good! It got your attention and got it read! If my day job doesn't pan out maybe I can make it as a newspaper reporter? Wait--all the newspapers are going bankrupt! Oh well .  .  .

You'll notice that I never once employed the word "greedy". Greed is generally thought of as a bad thing, and the word has only negative connotations. I purposefully used the words "FOR PROFIT". Why is it that most of us have an automatic negative reaction to the words "for profit" much the same as for the word "greed"?

Most of us would agree that greed is a bad thing. Do most of us also think that "profit" is a bad thing? I bet most of you would reply "No, there's nothing wrong with a person or business realizing a profit" but if that's true, why (and I'm sure this is true) was most readers first reaction to the title of my post negative? As if there's something wrong with this site generating profit for those who labored to create it!

I have no idea how much it has or continues to cost to run this site, nor do I know if or how much profit this site is actually generating for its owner(s). It's none of my business and quite frankly I don't care. But here's what I find extremely interesting:

Many many people on this site have expressed extreme gratitude & appreciation to Chris for all his hard work in creating the Crash Course and this site. I appreciate & value the site, too--you'll remember that I did buy 100 copies of the DVD to give away to friends, family, co-workers, etc.

However, I think one of the reasons people appreciate the Crash Course so much is that they were under the impression that Chris was pretty much not making any money off the site, more or less giving away the info., all in a tireless and selfless cause to help humanity.

 So here's something to think about: if Chris is able to educate the same number of people, but instead of giving the product out for free, he actually makes money, does this somehow cheapen or dirty the product, or somehow lessen your appreciation of his efforts and work? Why?

IMO, he's to be congratulated & praised even more! In the 1st scenerio, where he was selling DVDs for cost, maybe his wife would have had to take a second job to help support the family while Chris spent all his time "selflessly" educating his fellow citizens. In the 2nd scenerio, Chris makes money, which he can use to provide for his family, maybe send his kids to private school, allow his wife to quite her job and homeschool their kids, or whatever. It doesn't really matter. What does matter is that in the 2nd scenerio he's providing for his family, which IMO should be his first priority!

Hope this clarifies things for 'ya Erik!

By the way, is Chris really "an easy read" as you wrote? If so, how can I get him to come to my Wednesday night poker game?! ;-)

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Re: turns FOR-PROFIT! :-)


I have to add that it is my opinion that your comments do very little to add to the efforts of CM and staff to promote the information that many need. Your belief that CM could or would "enjoys an insanely healthy
income stream!" does not have any basis of fact and asserting that point brings up the question as regards your motive for stating it at all.

That said, I agree you have the opportunity here to state your opinions.  I think it is important to distinguish between what is fact and what is belief and opinion (per the CC).

So perhaps you might be persuaded to help "set the table " or "cut the beef" rather than standing around strirring the pot! Only my $.02 worth.




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Re: turns FOR-PROFIT! :-)


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Re: turns FOR-PROFIT! :-)

This is one tasteless and ineffective stab at a dude who doesn't deserve it.
Not only is it rude, but it's in poor humor.

It'd be tantamount to saying "Martenson family starving selling cheap DVD's, ha-ha!"

You should be grateful that the CC is still available for free via the website, and I've seen no indication that Chris doesn't want his material copied and distributed once you've purchased the DVD, which could ultimately be more cost effective to you in the long run than him. Considering the amount of research and development that went into this project, I'd say he's still being more than generous with his material.

The only reason you're able to "stir the pot" is because CM gave you a place to do it, and sacrificed a good bit of his personal equity in the process.

Howsabout a little respect shown?

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Re: turns FOR-PROFIT! :-)

I remember GR8TFUL's first post on this site.  If someone can bother finding it, it reflects a original de facto aversion even the advertising on this site. 

Here's a great interview of Milton Friedman by Phil Dumbahue, on greed:  


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Re: turns FOR-PROFIT! :-)


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