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Chris will be launching

Chris will be launching this wonderful chapter too.

Bubbles... Maybe one of the most interesting chapters .

I am sure the FED will be mentioned in this chapter :)

Keep it superb, chris.

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Great Stuff! Keep up the excellent work.

Great Stuff! Keep up the excellent work of keeping us informed.


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Did you live on newton?
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Gold/Silver Bubble
Hello mr. martenson, i've watched now all your episodes with great concerns in the future, i've also read the article about gold. i am willing to buy some gold/silver cushion now but here are my thoughts: gold/silver is also a good of speculation and some analytics say, its way overrated at the moment and rising day by day. which is kind of an indication for a bubble. this means, if the bubble starts to build up now, i am good in investing into gold silver. if i find the peak or somewhere close to that i can make some good buck when selling it. if the bubble crashes i do not lose a lot, as we know, the bubble will take around the same time to collapse then the time to build up, so i still can make money even if i sell at the other side of the bell curve. if we are at the peak now, and i buy, i am screwed as the gold/silver will drop down to the value before the bubble starts. is this the value which is printed on the silver/gold coins? so my question is, a) is there something like a gold-bubble possilbe at the moment b) if its possible are we still before peak or at peak and if we are at peak, how "wide" is the bell courve?
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First Law of buying
The first law of buying any investment is to consult the charts and do some research. Here's a good place to start

A quick glance reveals that an investment in gold has a possibility of losing about 1/2 the money you invest into it. In fact, I dare say it is almost certain if you hold it too long (because gold resists inflation and therefore, while the dollar 'value' may rise after an inflation event, gold would still 'buy' half of what it currently does if restored to its historic value.)

Of course, many factors come into play. Gold is now a 'consumed' commodity because of the electronics industry -- something that changed approximately 30 years ago) and as such is subject to industrial pressures. So it isn't impossible for gold to make long period gains.

In the end, the choice is up to you. You should do significant research and determine what is best for you -- indeed, a good suggestion is take your calculated hourly wage, multiply it by ~10-100x and spend at least as many hours researching as it would require to 're-earn' it. You put a lot of sweat into getting that money, you should put some proportion of that sweat into maintaining it too! --



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