Chris in San Francisco Monday

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Chris in San Francisco Monday

Chris is making a brief stop in northern California for the next few days. His schedule is pretty full with private meetings BUT he and I will be dropping by the City Club of San Francisco tomorrow afternoon (Monday, 2/27) for an event available to the general public:

What: The Australian Resources Roadshow

Where: The City Club of San Francisco, 155 Sansome Street

When: Monday 27 February 2012, 9am - 5pm; cocktail reception from 5-7pm

The event is free to the public. More information can be learned here.

Our recent podguest guest Mr James Dines will be giving a presentation at 2:30pm. We'll be there to meet him as well as speak with several of the attending Australian executives to compare views of various resource sectors. There's a reception from 5-7pm and we'd be pleased to talk with any readers who can introduce themselves to us then.



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