Chris mentioned on CNBC

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Chris mentioned on CNBC

Hi Everyone,

Who else watch CNBC when Chris was mentioned?

 It was a segment where they read the request of the public.

The list was something like this:

"A lot of people are asking for Jim Rogers, who was just on. Ron Paul and Peter Schiff are also very pupolar. And also we got alot of mails about Chris Martenson. Not sure who they mean there, might be Chris (somethingelse). "

Cris, you need to call them and reveal your secrets!

Welcome to the mental cirkus that is the CNBC!

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Re: Chris mentioned on CNBC
Cool beans.  The big problem is that the retarded talling heads would make Chris look like a crazy person the way they do with Ron Paul and other who don't spout the propagandist lines.
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Re: Chris mentioned on CNBC

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I understand that is was it was Tyler Mathisen in a follow-up to a segment - he issued an open invitation to money managers, and CEOs to "step up" and speak to Americans.

Apparently some of you have been emailing the man about the Crash Course.


Thank you everybody who is working to get the message out.  I appreciate it and will certainly seek to follow-up if this means we can get a wider audience.


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The media!
I always though that whatever is allowed in the media is because that is what they want the people to believe. So if that comment about Chris it seems that it was inexpected brought by the emails or calls of the public. Rembember the media business is used to scared people and use that information for their own purposes.
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What Chris is teaching is dangerous
I believe fully in what Chris is teaching, and I so want all of my family, my colleges, my friends to know the truth. It is dangerous because it goes against the grain of what they (the government and world governments) push on you to believe. The media, the government, the schools, the population almost as a whole is in a untied stupefied movement, and pursuing the truth, the real truth, is not as popular as most of us would like to believe. The great members of this website for the most part have a collective thinking pattern about what is coming. A lot of us are scared, a lot are intrigued as I must admit watching what happened in the stock marked last week was in my mind truly amazing. Not because it's bad or good, just because I have never seen it. The future we are facing has one singular fact, incredible change is coming, be it good or bad we don't quite know yet. Maybe a reset button push is just what we need to awaken the slumbering, non informed populace not only in America, but worldwide. We all hold the power as individuals and in groups to change. To get educated. To change our lifestyles as necessary, and move away from the negatives forced onto us. Greed, power, lies, corruption, self gain, consuming beyond what we actually need. As always it's people like Chris on the front line, sticking his neck out. Will he suffer? Only to possible ridicule or for possibly being a conspiracy nut from the media. But the majority don't want to know the truth. They trust in the government to make everything right somehow. But maybe after we are all beaten down so badly, lose so much money, lose all our homes, paying incredible taxes on everything and or elderly retirement group need to find a job at 65 just to survive, the media will start paying attention to people like Chris. Remember his name CNBC, its Chris Martenson, and he is fighting for us you bunch of controlled monkeys.  
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Re: Chris mentioned on CNBC

Why stop at CNBC, let's ask the other major networks. Which network has the kahunas to broadcast the entire Crash Course. How about Chris invited to sit on a political or financial panel talk show eg. The McLaughlin Group or any of the other Sunday morning talk fests. Oh what the hell let's go for 60 Minutes in case you like to sleep in Sunday morning.

Back to the Crash Course, it should be manditory viewing for all members of Congress, and Senate in the U.S. Also for members of Parliment and Senate in Canada and GB even though there are differences in their financial policies and regulations. Heck get the rest of the G7 involved as well, why , because we all involved now.


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