Chris Martenson vs. Karl Denninger

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Chris Martenson vs. Karl Denninger

Karl Denninger had a fan post his usual YouTube daily on Digg yesterday, pleading for Americans not to support the new bailout bill. It was sad to read the comments from the users. Not that I am a big fan of Digg, because the majority of users I feel on Digg are younger more than likely geeks or tech heads, but it is a good barometer for seeing how people feel about a certain subject on certain issues. A lot of the comments were about Karl's silly hair, or the goofy way he talks, or he is a nutcase. Some Digg comments were good and talked about the ripoff going on with the Government and so on. The thing that bothered me is that people made the time to make fun of the man, regardless of if you agree with him or not, who takes time out of almost every day to do a Youtube post and inform Americans about his opinion of what is going on. Now I don't know Chris Martenson at all. He may be a huge and wealthy success in a big house enjoying the fruits of his labor and watching Dancing with the Stars. Or he may be a whack-job sitting on boxes of dehydrated snow peas typing on his website with a loaded shotgun waiting for the economic apocalypse to come. To me it does not matter and I don't care because Chris and Karl are the true hero's here. Dedicating time and energy to educating people about difficult issues mostly for free. Anybody that takes time out to educate and enlighten people about a lot of things they didn't know, or thought they knew, is great. Ron Paul is great as well because he just tells it like it is. Honesty and Government don't mix well, that's why Ron won't be president anytime soon. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is also great to watch and a fiery speaker. Lot's of hero's out there, but many more crook's and bloodsuckers. The point is people are conditioned to believe what they think they should believe. Karl is no Kennedy by any means, but he is taking his time to educate and inform people, so I don't care what he looks like or if people think he talks funny. It's sad that people would be more concerned about appearance then substance. I like Chris because his presentations are good and he is almost more fascinated about all these conditions coming together all at once than frightened by them. As for the Digg comments, that's a good indicator of how America is today.

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You are absolutely right,

You are absolutely right, many people do not appreciate the effort it takes to express a well reasoned and researched article for the benefit of others. I think what Chris is doing is a noble calling, and hope he benefits millions of global readers.


.........Chris does have funny looking hair.......and geeky glasses.... 

(just kidding - we love you) Tongue out

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Statement of our educational system

Hey guys, look around!  Have you seen the "quality" of our education process lately?  It's a direct product of the entitlement society we live in today.  Being educated these days is a rare quality, and too many of our younger population flat out don't think it's needed.  Why be educated when you can sit around playing a video game all day and just be given whatever the hell you need?  Taking the time out of your day to view an educational site, then furthering that experience by commenting with childish bullying tactics directed at the teacher displays a HUGE social disease at work here.  If the financial crisis the world is experiencing right now is frightening, consider that these people and their children (assuming they breed) are this country's future decision makers!  OMG!


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It's a world problem
When I travel around from time to time, I see that the education of our youth is not only an American problem, but a world problem. Most young boys and some older ones in Asia are into online and standalone video-games so much, it's becoming like an illegal drug. Think I am kidding? China just started opening centers to treat this and break the kids off of being addicted to video games. Some of them staying up all night playing, disconnecting from society and failing in school. The age range goes from 8 to 30, THAT'S RIGHT 30! Most have no job and stay at home leeching off the parents. This is happening in Japan, Korea, China, India and Taiwan mainly. The kids are like zombies controlled by the alternate universe of games like World of Warcraft, played in multiple Internet cafes around Asia, cleverly in multi-player multi-language packages. Look at the stats on this one game to see how popular it is around the world. It's not just American, it's worldwide. These are the people that will be taking care of the economy when we retire, if we can retire.
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Jim Sinclair

My experience echos Krogoth's. I was posting for years on (not The Punch and Judy Show mentality is the same as on Digg. The lack of interest in economic affairs is stunning. There are people there who make a living in finance who I not could convince of the severity of this crises. I still monitor the site to get a sense of public awarness. As of now, I estimate 95% have no clue and don't want to know.

Jim Sinclair of deserves a place in the Economics Hall of Fame along with Chris and Denninger. He's been in finance and commodities for a long time. He knows this stuff from the ground up. Was one of the first to warn readers about the growing derivative crises. The cost of running the website comes out of his own pocket. He takes phone calls,  answers emails and gives occassional lectures, all at personal cost in time and money.

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